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To Dr. Ed: Suggestions

Posted by Karen b on 6/09/05 at 07:22 (176377)

Dr. Ed, I have tried Lidoderm patches, surgery, anodyne, Neurontin,
and orthodics. These help the most of all. My podiatrist, who I really trust, has pretty much told me that I have permanent nerve damage. I am
still hurting esp. when under stress. I kind of think she's right and that I'm going to have to learn to live with it. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

Re: To Dr. Ed: Suggestions

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/09/05 at 19:32 (176415)

what is the reason for the permanent nerve damage. Which nerves are involved?

Re: To Dr. Ed: Suggestions

M. Beck on 6/15/05 at 12:53 (176840)

Dr. Ed what is your suggestion for how long someone should wait before surgery for tarsal tunnel. I've had a tough time diagnosing my condition (pf or tts). MRI's are clear and nerve conduction is good.

Started out with a plantar pull in July of last summer. I walked through the pain as it got worse. (If I'd known then what I know now.) A burning in the arches was most prominent pain. Problems also spread to right foot though not as bad. I'm now experiencing shots of 'bee stings' occasionally in both feet. Burning over all when to long on the feet. At night though things seem to calm down, but still can have buzzing around the ankle. I use Ibuprofen cream and night splints at night. So I don't know if I'm in the early stages of tts or an atypical case of pf (no first step pain). Since the MRI's and Nerve Conduction tests are notoriousely inconclusive I'm stumped.

I don't want to wait to long for surgery on the feet. And of course I don't want at all if not needed. So any suggestions on when to have surgery and how to tell what you've got would be greatly appreciated. I know conclusive diagnosis are tough especially over intenet.

Re: To Dr. Ed: Suggestions

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/15/05 at 22:45 (176914)

Taking a break from site: I will answer questions for now if directed to my email at (email removed)