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Posted by Ang on 6/09/05 at 10:07 (176388)

My doctor recomends a cortisone in my shot to cure the heel spurs.
Will this help me?And just how painful is it?

Re: cortisone

Lindsay M on 6/09/05 at 10:56 (176392)

I wouldn't recommend it. I had 2 cortisone shots. They were painful during, and for about 3 days afterwards. Although they did help the pain from PF, the affects only lasted about a month. Then come to find out, if you don't take it easy it can lead to a ruptured PF which is what happened to me. I now am 2 days post op from an open fascial release. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't have gotten the shots, but the Dr. led me to believe it was my only option.

Re: cortisone

Tina H on 6/09/05 at 14:07 (176401)

Ang- I think Cortisone has a place in the repetoire of plantar fasciitis treatments, but make sure you have a good doctor. A good doctor will know how to use cortisone properly and if you are a good cadidate. Lindsay makes a good point, if you do get the shot, take it easy for a week or two after, maybe longer, again ask your doctor. Cortisone has never helped me however my mother has had pf for years. When it gets bad she gets a shot of Cortisone which lucky for her literally 'cures' the pf for another 2-3 years. She's been doing this for about 20 years, so obviously for her it works. Wish it had been that simple for me! Best wishes. Tina H

Re: do not even think about it

fernando on 6/10/05 at 18:14 (176487)

I had two cortisone shots last year, it work for anly three months and now I have a plantar fascitis rupture, it seems that cortisone delay the healing procces and mine is taking way too long....try conservative treatment first, rest, ice, orthotics, elevation and patient.

good luck

Re: cortisone (higher risk of rupture)

Ron on 6/10/05 at 21:59 (176513)

I'd recommend against it. Here's a study that suggests that cortisone injenctions increase your risk of rupture. Though this isn't mentioned in the study, part of the risk is caused by the lack of pain and returning to normal activity.

Out of a study of 765 patients there were 51 patients who were 'diagnosed with plantar fascia rupture, and 44 of these ruptures were associated with corticosteroid injection.'

According to this study you have nearly a 6 times greater chance of rupture with cortisone than without!


I might think that cortisone would be worth it except that in most cases it only relieves PF pain for a very short time. I'm beginning to believe that cortisone therapy for PF is the most risky of all.

Re: do not even think about it

Ron M on 6/11/05 at 23:20 (176570)

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Re: cortisone

Ron M on 6/11/05 at 23:27 (176571)

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Re: cortisone

scott r on 6/13/05 at 22:07 (176730)

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