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Pain on left foot lateral side

Posted by Jenny on 6/09/05 at 14:00 (176400)

Over the past year I have a pain that has gradually gotten worse on the lateral side of my left foot. The pain is generally worse when I havent been on my foot for awhile, then I get up and start walking. Or if I turn my foot on the lateral side and put pressure on it. Also, if I squeeze the lateral and medial sides together it is excruciating pain. This pain is right below my little toe down through the middle. I have been to a foot Dr. and have had X-Rays. The only thing he found was spurs, but I am not sure if it was in that area or not. He also found arthritis in my ankle. He gave me insoles to put in my shoes, which I wear faithfully. Nothing seems to help this pain and it is getting worse

Re: Pain on left foot lateral side

Ron on 6/10/05 at 09:49 (176449)

Please don't think I'm trying to replace the doctor's either here or your own Pod. If one Pod doesn't work then try another one. The answer's there someplace.

Could your problem be cuboid syndrome?


Good luck!

Re: Pain on left foot lateral side

rudy on 6/11/05 at 12:09 (176534)

sonds like lateral p.f. one shot and stronger ortholics