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Tarsal Tunnel Question

Posted by Manny on 6/10/05 at 07:43 (176437)

Does anyone know of anybody that had Tarsal Tunnel/Baxter's Nerve surgery and was able to get back to running with out any problems. I don't know how many athletes are on this board but I would love to hear from someone with experience in this area. And what I mean by running is marathon training.


Re: Tarsal Tunnel Question

messed up foot on 6/10/05 at 10:47 (176453)

Had it in February and while I don't run, I am an avid urban walker. With pain and a little limp as the muscles fatigue, I have slowly increased my distance and speed and I'm back to 3-4 miles/hr. I'm concentrating on good form to rehab my calf muscles. Speed will come later.

Be be advised- pain does persist (see thread below) and this is not a simple little surgery. I'm still healing and feel about 70% back to the pre-tts/pf levels of pain.

Since you are a runner, one thing you might want to talk to your dr about is how this surgery may impact your knee. It seems to add torque to my knee that was not there before. I assume that it is gait related and I pronate without orthotics. I am also having some PTTD since the surgery and can't rise on my toes at all. I'm counting on PT to help.

Good Luck

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Question

Amy on 6/10/05 at 14:11 (176465)

I am a runner (well, former at this point) who is also dealing with BAxter's nerve issues in both feet. Have tried the gamut of conservative treatments - PT, ART, accupuncture, rest, etc - to no avail. Seriously considering surgery at this point. Currently I swim and ride my road bike - I have not run since labor day. Curious as to what your doc says. Mine says 80-90% success rate - which I question. I am probably going to get my third opinion next week. There have been a few other athletes who have posted, but we are definitely the minority. I'd like to hear your story -


Re: Tarsal Tunnel Question

melissa p on 6/22/05 at 00:01 (177202)

i used to be a very active athlete up until 2 years ago (i was a dancer for 15 years, and played softball, basketball, soccer, track...you name it! i had tendonitis years ago and then 2 years ago i tore cartilage in my meniscus in my right knee and underwent arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery where the doc had to do more work than planned and put in sutures and everything. well i did pt which went pretty well and i got back to the gym 4 days a week after a 4 month recovery period. all was well until about a year after surgery i started getting throbbing pain in my foot. i didnt know the culprit until i discovered a tiny hard ball on the back of my knee along my nerve. i had MRI...etc and to make a long story short i needed a 2nd surgery because i retore my cartilage and the sutures from the 1st surgery migrated to the back of my knee and were pressing on my nerve. so i recently had the 2nd surgery this past january. immediately after surgery the scar tissue built up along the 3inch incision the doc made on the side of my knee. the throbbing was no better after sugery so i figured it was from the scar tissue, so i went to pt and had them massage it. i was feeling good for a while, but when therapy stopped for about a month i was and still am in the WORST PAIN EVER!! now the throbbing and shooting pain is goin up and down my entire leg and foot..to the point where i cannot sleep or function right during the day. advil doesnt help, ice doesnt help, and resting only accentuates the pain. i feel like i am going to lose my leg because the pain is so unbearable, i feel like squeezing my ankle off! i tried neurontin, elavil and now valume, but nothing helps the pain!! i seriously need some advice because the doctors dont seem to know whats going on to help me! please help!

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Question

Norm on 6/25/05 at 07:16 (177297)

I know how you feel. I am haveing real bad pain every day. Nothing I do helps unless I stay off it 100%. We all know that is not practical. I wish I had the answeres for all of us who suffer. Good luck & keep a smile on...


Re: Tarsal Tunnel Question

Michelle M on 6/29/05 at 22:19 (177542)


Everyone is different, and I don't know everything behind your story. That said, I too was a runner and an athlete my whole life before my feet isses started (i'm 29 now). I also have Baxter's nerve issues in my feet. My docs give surgery less than 60% sucess and the surgery is not to be taken lightly. But apparently its really dependent on your case. For me, there is nothing unusual about any of my tests (MRI, ultrasound, nerve conduction, etc). Only my EMG showed anything unusual (denervation) which is maybe why the sucess rate is low?(that's just my guess...)

Good luck with your feet.

-- Michelle