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Doctors' Opinion - Looks like TTS

Posted by Joan M on 6/10/05 at 12:41 (176461)

Was diagnosed with PF one year ago caused by too much exercising. Did one cortizone and some anti-inflamatories and stretching. Been swimming ever since to say off my feet. Still having pain and talked again to my DPM. He suggested orthotics for $250. The orthotics really hurt my feet and I lost confidence in my DPM. Was like he was always in a hurry and was throwing anything at the problem to see if something would stick. Found a orthopedic surgeon who treats local elite college athletes and professional ballet dancers and he suspects TTS or Baxter's nerve issue. Went for MRI and EMG this morning and the doctor who did the EMG said I had mild to moderate TTS in both feet. Will be going back to surgeon in a week to review all test and find course of action.

Question: Is it common to notify, in a respectful way, my original DPM about his seemingly mis-diagnosis of my problem so someone else doesn't go through what I've gone through for the year? And, do you think I should have to pay for the orthotics I got through his office?

Thank you.

Re: Doctors' Opinion - Looks like TTS

Amy on 6/10/05 at 14:06 (176464)

Just wanted to say I am in the same boat - Baxter's nerve issues bilaterally due to excercise (running) i will be very interested to hear what your doc says about options, etc. I am still trying to decide whether to have surgery or to keep trying the conservative treatments that always seem to fail. Most days I am leaning torward surgery.

Anyway - I don't think you should pay - I went through three pair last fall - none helped, made it worse - my pod never charged me. Good luck and keep us posted.

Re: Doctors' Opinion - Looks like TTS

rudy on 6/10/05 at 19:51 (176500)

p.f. can cause tarsel tunnel

Re: Doctors' Opinion - Looks like TTS

Robert J. Sanfilippo, DC, CCSP, ART on 6/10/05 at 21:11 (176509)

Joan, what type of care have you received to date? I am a firm believer that no matter what the problem is that surgery should be explored lastly. You may want to look into a soft tissue mobilization technique like active release techniques. It may be able to help you with your PF and TTS. I've had my successes utilizing those techniques but I've had my failures. I am sure the doctor would probably get insulted and then immediately become defensive. Many doctors, regardless of specialty, have ego's and they guard them fiercely. Nobody likes to be told that they are wrong. As far as paying for the orthotics, it was a service provided to you and therefore it should be paid for. If someone has a gastric bypass surgery and it doesn't work should the doctor not be paid? The service was provided to the patient and the doctor should be compensated. I think you are upset because you think your doctor was incompetent and didn't treat you effectively. This is why you must be diligent in your search for the best doctor for your ailment. I have seen many doctors make a ton of cash by fitting patients with orthotics without performing the necessary biomechanical assessment. Not every doctor has a conscious.