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heel/foot/toe HELP!!!

Posted by pittunea on 6/10/05 at 16:55 (176480)

I am a tennis player who has started to go to the gym....

usually did light weights and the bike or eliptical then exchanged bike or eliptical for work on the treadmill to my routine (this has been for the past three months),

played in a tennis tournament about 3 weeks ago (a week long occasion, more than I usually play recreationally)

and then the following week I ran 6 miles on the treadmill in three days....did a bit of walking and some more tennis causually for two days...up until sunday when my lower calves and sides of my legs in that same area felt rather fatigued.

gave it a couple of days rest until wednesday:
then I felt something funny happen in the side of my upper ankle inbetween where the achilles is and above that outer knob.
felt like I could not do much running at that time. Stopped playing tennis immediately.

went camping, still felt a bit weird in that same area as well as progression in a clicking noise when rotating my ankle outward...the front outer 'corner of my ankle' had a small knob. My toes did not work very well or feel just right.

wenesday 5/31/05
went ot the gym and did sitting machines, no legs,and rode the bike for 25 minutes.....was seeming to feel better.

excrutiating pain when getting up in th emorning and went ot podiatrist.
he said i had an equinis deformity and an anterior impingement... ruled out a fracture with exrays. instructed no sports activity and to wear shoes with heel.
next day not any better....felt as if I had to walk flat footed and that the arch was going in my foot. when standing on tippie toe, toes 2-4 spread and provided no support.

went ot orhtobpedic foot specialist who gave me crutches and an unna boot saying that i had achilles tendonitis and enthesopathy nos ankle and a tendon contracture.

swelling took place and I never got up off of the couch. never really demonstrated purple blood vessels or bruising however, did look purple as if foot was not getting circulation (which was probably because i had it up the whole time)

6/6/05 went ot GP who said that i could have sprained/strained and should stay off it for 2 weeks.

this week my other foot (as of 6/7/05) started to really give me trouble.
deteriorating in the same way that the first foot did. stayed off of it all week, took off of work and wheeled myself around in an office chair at my house...only getting up to go to the bathroom.

Starting to be able to flex my toes, and my toes almost touch the ground when resting my foot.

What do you think the cause is....are my diagnoses correct?
could it be something else?
How do I avoid a reinjury?
Will I ever run fast again and/or play tennis?