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plantar thickness

Posted by Daria on 6/11/05 at 06:02 (176516)

I have seen some comments recently about when ESWT heals pf, that the plantar fascia can be measured as thinner. I am wondering - when podiatrists say that you can heal pf with conservative measures such as stretches and orthotics, and when folks on this board talk about foot trainers and active isolated stretching, in these cases, is the plantar fascia measured to be thinner? Is the thinning out of the fascia what creates the situation of no pain? Or when people say they are healed by these methods, is it that their stretching has led them to create a pain free situation despite a still thickened fascia? Does the fascia have to be thinner in order for the patient to be healed?

Re: plantar thickness

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/11/05 at 11:16 (176528)

Read about the treatment triad. Plantar fascial thickness deals with plantar fascial quality, one of the three components of plantar fasciitis.

Re: plantar thickness

Annette G on 6/12/05 at 19:42 (176625)

so what can be done if the tissue is at the point is badly scared and devascularized and ESWT does not work. Is there nothing that could be done to help repair the tissue at all. Are all other methods like ART, or some other kind of massage, stretching, accupunture, worthless? Is there anything that a person could do to help heal the fascia at all once the damage gets to this point? Is it completly hopeless? Has anyone been cured
from this stage of PF after 6 years and had 3 rounds of ESWT?