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mortons neuroma

Posted by Bob M on 6/11/05 at 08:32 (176522)

I was a 'victim' of Morton neuroma surgery. Its been 12 weeks of hell .But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I would spend hours on sites like these convinced thatI was permanetly deformed. A little knowledge can be harmful .Reading internet pages just feeds the frenzy and probably delays the healing process. The best advice my surgeon gave me was take a deep breath. I am not writing this to gloat but to try to help others who are probably in the same boat.Who knows if half of what people say is true. People will believe anything if the are desperate . I know I was one of them!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that everyone who visits this site gets better .

Re: mortons neuroma

Dr. Z on 6/11/05 at 11:49 (176531)

As you realize neuroma surgery can be a long period of pain, swelling and healing. It can takes months for resolution of pain in the most perfect surgery. Why do you say you were a 'Victim' of this procedure.
Only your surgery knows it the post healing is going correctly and should inform you of where you stand.
I will tell you that not all neuroma surgery turns out great

Re: mortons neuroma

Bob M on 6/11/05 at 20:32 (176561)

The reason for the post was to help desperate people looking for help . Sites like these contain bogus info. People read things and take it as gospel. After reading some posts on your site I became more worried that I might have other problems which was bogus. The reason I feel like a victim is That I was told by my MD that in 2 weeks I can cycle and in 6 weeks after the incision heals I can resume all activity. It has been 12 weeks and I know I wont be playing tennis or running this week. Everything I read indicated the normal healing time was 6 weeks. As of now I was better off before surgery but can see improvement and hope for total resolution in the foreseeable future. Anyway your response to my post has been disappointing, as were your answers to other posts I have also read.

Re: mortons neuroma

Dr. Z on 6/12/05 at 09:28 (176578)

I am sorry you feel that way. I am sorry that someone told you that the healing time would be just two weeks and that you can cycle in six weeks. By the way this isn't my site. I just participate as a doctor. Good week and I hope you continue to get better

Re: mortons neuroma

Scott K (SAK) on 6/14/05 at 21:38 (176795)

I was cycling in three weeks and working in construction in six weeks. I did rest the first two with feet elevated and no walking other than restroom needs and food concerns. My Dr. was very surprised at the rate of my recovery. Funny thing was that my PF didn't get better and actually had another cortisone shot (opposite foot) before I went back to work. It's been two years since the first twinge of PF pain and I am still not able to do whatever I want due to PF concerns. I have switched from construction to Real Estate Sales in order to limit my pain...hopefully it will clear itself up. I cancelled a PF cut surgery...Heal Thy Self, whenever possible.