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To Kathy G. - the saga continues

Posted by Tina H on 6/11/05 at 21:25 (176564)

Hi Kathy-
Saw your message below. Hope all was well with your colonoscopy, fun right! Now the router, that sounds more interesting. What are you doing with that? Not the colonoscopy I hope :) ha

I just had to tell you the latest about my daughter, boy how could I have been so stupid!! A little history, the first time I took her to the foot orthopedist who was supposed to be the best in Pittsburgh, yeah right, he said she didn't have pf due to a flexibility issue. 'Kids don't get pf for these reasons it's the pes cavus foot bla bla bla. Don't bother with stretching, physical therapy or night splints won't work.' I believed him which in hindsight how would he have known if she was flexible or not when he didn't even check that.

Well after the fiasco with the cast and tape, I decided not only to dump that dr but to take her for physical therapy anyway to someone who helped me with my pf. After an hour long evaluation he said in his humble opinion, that my daughter has pf because of a flexibility issue. She only had 5 degree range of movement instead of the 15-20 that's normal in both of her feet. He said the plaster cast was about the worse thing the doctor could have done because her feet were screaming for more flexibilty not less and it made a bad problem much worse. So now she is having physical therapy. At least there is hope! He is a good physical therapist and he feels confident her can cure her pf. He agreed that she has very high arches, but he said if high arches were so bad they would have been selected out of the population thousands of years ago. He has her doing 4 different stretchs 3X/day, plus manual stretches he does, deep tissue massage and ultrasound. It's too early to say if it will work but it's the best advice we've had since this nightmare started last Novemeber. So far so good. Just thought I'd share that with you. I consider myself to be relatively informed when it comes to pf but boy I had my blinders on with this doctor. Thanks for your support. Tina H

Re: To Kathy G. - the saga continues

Kathy G on 6/12/05 at 10:33 (176582)


I find this especially interesting in view of the fact that my fifteen year old nephew has been through a similar experience. The local pods said it was PF but he went to Boston and they said it was a flexibility issue and gave him exercises to do. He has extremely tight hamstrings. He no longer wears his orthotics and has gone back to basketball and seems to be doing well. For him, the test will be this summer when he goes to basketball camp. He's going for two weeks. All his problems started last year when he went for two weeks, so I think he should just play on the recreational league and skip the camp but I'm only his aunt! :)

I hope this new regime works out for your daughter. She's been through a great deal. For what it's worth, when my Achilles tendons were tight, I found Julie's foot yoga to help me a great deal.

Re: To Kathy G. - the saga continues

AmyM on 6/12/05 at 11:47 (176587)


Sorry the cast didn't help. I hope the physio does. Are you able to do the physio with your daughter? When I was at school, and doing physio I found it really hard to keep at it. There were a lot of reasons, mostly I felt that it was 'my fault' that I wasn't flexible enough, that was depressing. Now I realise that's rubbish, but it was hard at the time. Especially when all your classmates seem (and I do mean seem) to be fit and healthy.

It can take months to see the benefits and months is a long time when you're a teenager. I also found it extremetly frustrating that I was never able to see any benefits. Is there anyway your PT could explain how they measure flexibility, could you compare weekly the flexibility in the casted vs the non casted foot? Just so you have something concrete to focus on (and celebrate)?

Another thing to consider, is that there is much to be gained from taking care of your body and if you're able to keep up a regular regieme that in itself is a good thing and takes a great deal of maturity and is something for your daughter to be proud of.

I am sure you'll get to the bottom of this, and don't be too hard on yourself for going with the doctors suggestions, you're doing the right thing, it's just taking longer than you'd like!

Re: To Kathy G. - the saga continues

Tina H on 6/12/05 at 14:09 (176599)

Thanks Amy and Kathy- Yes the physical therapist did show us how he measures the angle of flexibility and he will be measuring her improvement from time to time. The pieces all fit together for us now. She ran cross country in the fall with no problem at all. The pf started about a month after it was over. The physical therapist pointed out that she probabally didn't have it during cross country because of the stretching they were doing before and after practise.
The pt is a wonderful person who talked to my daughter along time about the pf, living with it etc. He explained that it won't go away as soon as the flexibility issue is addressed. It's an injury and will take time. It was good for her to hear all this. I'm hopeful now! Have a good week. We are off to the beach for a week. Tina