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www.zcoil.com these shoes are wonderful

Posted by Ron M on 6/11/05 at 23:35 (176572)

i had severe case of pf and these shoes gave me my life back im on my third week with them check theese out http://www.zcoil.com they also help ure knees and back pain believe me they do work i tried everything else if you want to talk to me my number is 903 271 0064

Re: www.zcoil.com these shoes are wonderful (SPAM warning)

Ron on 6/12/05 at 13:03 (176593)

z coils look like they're dangerous. What about walking over the gronds? It looks like you'd trip at the first hole.

Ron M. I'm beginning to believe that you have some kind of financial interest in Z-coils. You come on this board and all you talk about are these shoes. You misspell very simple words in an overdone fashion, you give your number (probably a cell phone), probably in an effort to gain credibility and you just sound stupid. You probably don't want to use an email address because the IP will give you away.

I decided to look up some more information on Z-coil and it doesn't look good. At least since 2000 Z-Coil has been commercializing on newsgroups. The only information I've found positive about Z-coils is what the company has said about them. They're unlikely to heal PF.

Re: www.zcoil.com these shoes are wonderful (SPAM warning)

JanP on 6/13/05 at 08:23 (176647)

I do know a person that wears them, and loves them. They look weird, that's for sure.

I also know of a Birkenstock store that sells them along with their regular line of Birks. They say they have some real believers....