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heel pain - plantar fasciitis?

Posted by NaomiB on 6/12/05 at 13:16 (176597)

I have severe heel pain that has lasted nearly a month now, but from the research I have done, it does not appear to be plantar fasciitis. My pain is on the bottom and side of the heel, but on the outside, rather than the center or inside of the heel/foot. The area of pain is very specific. It is most severe upon waking up, but also hurts throughout the day and often causes me to limp. I had Severs disease as a child (rather severe case that last from about age 8 through age 13). As an adult I often get a sharp pain in either heel that will completely prevent me from walking for about 5 minutes; this occurs about 10 times per year and seems to come on completely randomly. This pain is not on the underside of the heel but all around the outside of the heel bone. I have to stop and move my ankle in a circular motion for a few minutes and keep weight off the foot until I can walk again, at which point the pain is completely gone. I do not know if this pain is related to what I am experiencing every day right now. I am fairly active and do a great deal of hiking and walking on a regular basis. My weight and activity level have not changed recently.

Re: heel pain - plantar fasciitis?

rudy on 6/12/05 at 15:05 (176606)

you need to rest that foot ice 3 times a daily and see a foot doctor if not it will get worst