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Koby Bryant, Shaq had PF as well.

Posted by Ron on 6/12/05 at 14:34 (176601)

Being rich, famous and athletic doesn't preclude you from getting PF. However, it may deny the possibility of it becoming chronic. Getting a handle on this injury as soon as possible is the best way to guarantee a proper healing process. When do you ever hear of a pro athlete ever become crippled by PF?

The article on Shaq is a good one. It's like the readers digest of the heel pain book.

http://view.atdmt.com/VON/iview/stdyxvon0300000721von/direct/01&2005. ?

A physical therapist, Gary Gray, who works with pro basketball players said that stretching the back and legs is important to treat PF. Tight muscles here can affect the feet.

This is what I've found while stretching, but I didn't realize it went all the way to the back.

Re: Koby Bryant, Shaq had PF as well.

Joe A on 6/21/05 at 14:20 (177171)

I tried to view the article and the link didn't work. I finally found it and will put it here for anyone that wants to see the article.

I think the aritcle makes a good point. The key is early detection and appropriate treatment/rest/rehab. Ignoring the problem only makes it get worse and more difficult to treat.