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My Memorial Day weekend in Canada

Posted by Ed Davis. DPM on 6/12/05 at 21:09 (176631)

My mother in law flew in from Virginia to spend time with our family here in the Seattle area. We decided to drive to Canada the saturday before Memorial Day. We drove all day saturday, went to church Sunday am ( no I did not catch fire) and walked around the Whistler resort the rest of Sunday and drove back to Seattle on Monday.

Unfortunatley, my mother in law had a very ard time walking around Whislter. She had some knee problems, saw a specialist in Virgina a week before she visited us and told her that she was okay and just should exercise the knee more.

While I am just a podiatrist, not licensed to treat knees but a very cursory exam of her right knee readily demonstrated that there was something srong with her medial meniscus. I obtained an MRI only to find out that the posterior horn of her medial meniscus was torn. I sent her to a good orhtopod who readily surgically repaired the problem. She is now home with us recuperating on the couch.

The orhto she saw back in Virginia was a bad boy in my opinion. I called 1-800-FOOTLAW to speak to attorney Jay Grife, DPM, JD and he returned my call today, Sunday and determined that ligitation was not the way to go.

I don't like litigation and the whole professional liability environment but there are a handful of bad boys out there who make life miserable for the rest of us. We constantly have posters that run into a practitioner who is a bad boy and think we are all so, especially one poster on this site that actually works for an attorney.

Re: My Memorial Day weekend in Canada

Ed Davis. DPM on 6/12/05 at 21:44 (176634)

PS I do think that that poster has gradually come around to realize that a few rotten apples don't spoil the whole bunch. It is problematic when they are heavily focused in a geographic area though.

Re: My Memorial Day weekend in Canada

Tina H on 6/12/05 at 22:08 (176638)

What's amazing to me is how many people actually think these doctors are good and they're people who ought to know better. I can't tell you how many people told me the orthopedist I took my daughter to was excellent. Not only was he not excellent but he made a bad problem worse. I'm sure it was the same with your mother-in-law. Someone she trusted as in family doctor or doctor friend (in our case both) recommended that lousy doctor. It's too bad. My doctor friend was shocked when he heard how my daughter was treated. I intend to write a letter describing exactly what transpired and cc our pediatrician and family doctor otherwise they won't know and they will still send people there. Lucky for your mom-in-law she had you to advocate for her!

Re: My Memorial Day weekend in Canada

Elyse B on 6/13/05 at 07:48 (176645)

Ed, I am going to Vancouver for 4 days and spending a week in Whistler in August. Is it as gorgeous as the pictures say it is? I plan on doing a low of hiking.

Re: My Memorial Day weekend in Canada

Elyse B on 6/13/05 at 07:51 (176646)

Hey Ed, good luck trying to sue an M.D. You can call me by name as the poster that ran into 'bad boy' doctors. Now you know how we all feel when we the patient get shoddy treatment. It is almost impossible to sue a doctor, you need to get other doctors to testify and that 'ain't going to happen.' FYI, I don't think all doctors are rotten apples. I see some very, very fine medical doctors, of course none of them accept insurance.

Re: My Memorial Day weekend in Canada

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/13/05 at 11:04 (176658)

No legal action will be taken.
By the way, if you are making it all the way to Whistler (an expensive trip for you, I am sure), you could stop by my office in Seattle and get your plantar fasciitis cured. Be sure to bring the 'bad' orthotics so I can critique them, perhaps giving you a chance to get your money back...

Re: My Memorial Day weekend in Canada

Elyse B on 6/13/05 at 11:16 (176661)

Thanks Ed but I have 'given up' curing the PF. I have continued to run and I can 'deal' with the pain.

The orthotics are 'framed' and are hanging on my wall. Now how would I get my money back? From whom? The podiatrist who made the $600 pair, I think not, no way, in a million years would he ever refund the money. But thanks for the offer. Yes Whistler is a long way from NYC, flying directly into Vancouver.

Re: To the RSD person Re Coma Treatment

Suzy D on 6/13/05 at 16:33 (176700)

Please whoever this is;(person who has had this treatment) Warning:

It is very risky. It is not allowed to be done in this country by the FDA.
There is good reason.

Check out the Low dose Ketamine page on our website. It ha some information
on the coma treatment.

I would think long and hard before doing this. Did he tell you the success
rate? If so what rate did he give you? Did they tell you about the language

Many patients who have had it done who have talked to us have mentioned
problems getting their other medical problems addressed while there.
don'tknow specifics just what they had told me.

I am 45 and have had full body RSD for 31 years. Why would she do this
after just 3 years? Seems very quick to take such a drastic step,
especially the coma tretment? Has she seen other Drs? There are quite a few
in this country, he is one of only a couple, all who work together, who
sends patients to Germany for this treatment.

Please seriously look into this before you close out other options so soon.

Contact this site before you take this risk, please-S

Original Message:
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 10:55:27 -0400 (EDT)
To: (email removed), Subject: : Re: Coma Cure for RSD FYI

In a message dated 6/11/2005 7:33:48 PM Eastern Standard Time,
UnknownSender@UnknownDomain writes:
My daughter talked with Dr. Schwartzman a couple months ago. She is
to go to Germany in July. She has full body **RSD** for the last 3 years.
She is 37 yrs. old. It is anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 US dollars,
according to the exchange. It is a five day coma. You wake up pain free,
but it
will come back, different times for different people. You have to go back
Philadelphia for follow up treatments, if it works. You have to be there
days for follow-up, get treatment, and stay in a hotel. They say it is
risky, blood clots in lungs, infection and some people need breathing
Last ditch effort.

Re: My Memorial Day weekend in Canada

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/13/05 at 18:01 (176703)

Vancouver is a 2.5 hour drive to Seattle.

Re: Whistler weekend in Canada

carynz on 6/15/05 at 13:11 (176842)

hi Ed,

what you forgot to say is that Whistler is another 2 hours approx. from Vancouver! I was hoping to read more about your Whistler trip and if you liked it there but you nnever said anything more about your trip. Where did you stay? To me this area is much like Banff and I think you went on a trip to the Rockies last year didn't you? When we moved from Calgary to BC the first place we visited was Whistler and it reminded us so much of Banff that we now go there a few times a year sometimes just for the day although staying in the village is more fun. Skiing is great too.

Do you get up our way much?