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Another interesting read found on line about orthotics

Posted by Ralph on 6/13/05 at 12:20 (176669)


Re: Another interesting read found on line about orthotics

Ron on 6/13/05 at 15:18 (176685)

Jason Kraus 'is Vice President of Strategic Sales for Langer, a company that offers practitioners a range of prescription foot orthoses,' according to the fine print. It's no wonder he concludes that orthotics are underprescibed.

He reminds the audience that the 'American Podiatric Medical Association has stated on many occasions that upwards of 85% or more of patients seen in podiatry offices have some biomechanical abnormality or deficit.' I wish he'd have given some kind of reference. Assuming he's quoting something that has been said by the APMA, he suggests that all of these abnormalities can somehow be treated woth orthotics.

Orthotics can work for some, but to believe they are some kind of panacea for foot problems is plain wrong.

Re: Another interesting read found on line about orthotics

Liboralis on 6/13/05 at 15:30 (176691)

THAT, Ron his your humble opinion.

Re: Another interesting read found on line about orthotics

Ron on 6/13/05 at 15:38 (176692)

What is just my opinion, that Jason Kraus has ulterior motives? Or that orthotics can't cure every foot problem?

Neither one of these is just an opinion. Otherwise, I'd have described it as such.

Re: Another interesting read found on line about orthotics

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/13/05 at 22:16 (176731)


If doctors are not confident with their orhtotic producing skills they should not have a financial 'carrot' waved in front of them. I think MR. Kraus would do better to hold biomechanics seminars allowing those in need to upgrade their skills.

Orthotics have a very specific functions or set of functions. If that is what is going to help the patient, then it is incumbent on the doctor to see that the patient can procure the right prescription either via that practitioner or another practioner with greater knowledge.

Re: Another interesting read found on line about orthotics

Liboralis on 6/14/05 at 06:41 (176741)

Your observation on what he said. They are not a cure all but when done correctly they can alleviate many many issues (when done correctly)The problem is too many dont do them correctly or take proper care in providing them. Orthotics are art and science.

Obviously he has a motivation like anyone at a company has. As for the 90 some percent or whatever, I am not going to participate in a what-percentage-and-says-who pee battle that often degrades the eswt board when somebody mentions a %. Remember this 100% of the patients going to a Dr for a foot issue are not there to say who my feet feel great....just wanted to make an appointment for nothing.

Of that patient group, if you have a good eye you can probably find SOME biomechanical abnormality in 99% (just like doing a body scan on 300 random 70 year olds would find some arthritis somewhere in their body)That being said, are those biomechanical abnormalities enough to contribute to the reported symptoms or are they just irrelevent like having one ear larger than the other?

Re: Another interesting read found on line about orthotics

John H on 6/14/05 at 09:59 (176756)

One only has to spend a few weeks in a health club walking behind people and observing their gait and how their feet strike the ground to recognize we all have distinctive ways of walking or running. Observing some people, you cannot believe they are not damaging there feet with every stride. In fact most of these people lead perfectly good lives with no foot problems. When someone develops a foot problem and the way they walk is analyized there will frequently be shown to have some sort of problem with their foot biomechanics. The same bad foot biomechanics will exist in thousands of other people who have no feet problems. It is easy to point to foot biomechanics as the problem but the person may have had the same foot biomechanics for 50 years and we may be pointing to a non problem. I personally think orthotics are oversold. The Doctor may have good intentions and think this will solve the problem but clearly it often does not solve the problem. It is worth a try as long as you are not prescribed orthotics that make your feet worse.

Re: Another interesting read found on line about orthotics

Ralph on 6/14/05 at 13:26 (176768)

I tend to agree with you about orthotics being over perscribed. The article published by that Mr. Krause was a marketing tool in what looked more like a professional magazine than one for the general public's use.

He was obviously trying to get Pods to, at the very least, offer the product to their patients. After all he too has a big stake in their sales. Let the patients decide whether they want feet that hurt or to try the orthotics. Just offer them.

If a doctor tells you that orthotics are going to help I think most people will find the money. They want to be out of pain period.

It's easy to see that by dangling a pretty good financial carrot that can be made by simply offering the orthotics definitely enhances the idea to market more of them than not to offer them at all.

We are often told that orthotics are peanuts when it comes to added income revenue for a doctor, but not so according to Mr. Krause. He said 'With all of these similarities, it is surprising that one podiatrist prescribes an average of 33 pairs of custom-made foot orthotics each month, while the other prescribes only five. The result of this difference is significant financially: one practitioner produces orthotics revenue of approximately $168,000 each year with a gross profit of $136,000, while the other generates orthotics revenues of $25,500 and gross profit of only $20,700'.

I think the incentive is there to oversell them. Mr. Krause's article
seems to point that out and he was talking directly to doctors not to their patients.