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Nonunion fracture of calcaneus bone

Posted by Jane H. on 6/13/05 at 18:39 (176712)

I had a bone graft lifted from my left heel to reconstruct my right foot (infected nonunion 4th and 5th metatarsals)3/28. Right foot has tons of hardware and seems to be heeling OK (this was 4th surgery). Left foot gave continuing pain and was diagnosed as having a stress fracture at the graft procurement site on 4/23. I took a fall off my wheelchair ramp yesterday and wound up in the ER for X-rays. The ER Dr. said the right foot looked OK (i.e. everything aligned all right). He then told me I have a nonunion fracture on the left heel --not from the fall---he said it was older than that. I have an appt. with my surgeon in a few days. My question: If this is truly a nonunion on the left heel, am I facing more surgery or are there other treatment options out there? Thank you for your time. Jane H.

Re: Nonunion fracture of calcaneus bone

Ralph on 6/13/05 at 19:25 (176717)

I hope Dr. Zuckerman responds to your post. He just returned from an ESWT conference in Vienna and in his brief post I think he mentioned it's use in
treating nonunion bone conditions.

I'm not a doctor, but hopefully Dr. Zuckerman could tell you about this treatment and it might save you from another surgery. Wouldn't that be good news.

Re: Nonunion fracture of calcaneus bone

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/13/05 at 21:19 (176723)

I am a pro-union man and support the AFL-CIO. Beyond that, nonunions of the heel bone are rare but can often be treated via eleic or ultrasonic bone stimulation (Exogen). I will get you the link.

Re: Nonunion fracture of calcaneus bone

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/13/05 at 21:20 (176725)

Click on the link: http://www.exogen.com/


Re: Nonunion fracture of calcaneus bone

Jane H. on 6/13/05 at 23:08 (176732)

Thank you, Ed, for the response and the laugh! (I probably gave you one with the visual of falling off a wheelchair ramp!) I HAVE been using an Exogen ultrasound bone stimulator. I started 9/04, but was still on PICC line getting Vancomycin and oral Levaquin, so I think they were just hoping for a break (no pun intended). Discontiued use 12/04 when it clearly wasn't working on right foot fractures. I started using it again after the 3/28 surgery and now have been using it on both feet since 4/23 when I found out the left heel was broken, too. I have also been taking Forteo injections since 12/04 (and of course, taking Ca++ supplements). I am NOT diabetic and have been healthy and reasonably active til this happened. I guess I'm just incredibly unlucky---just praying I can dodge any more surgery at this point! Thanks again.....Jane

Re: Nonunion fracture of calcaneus bone

ld on 10/28/05 at 00:30 (185986)

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