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too long

Posted by frustrated on 6/14/05 at 06:52 (176742)

i am very frustrated because i have been trying to get rid of my heel pain for a LONG time. i started having pain in october of 2003 and it's now june of 2005 and i still have it. :( i've taken bextra and celebrex. i had orthodics made in december 2003 and wear them (wore them dec 03-jun 04, and apr 05-current--stopped in between because they gave me such pain in my 'good' foot); they had several adjustments along the way. i switched podiatrists in april 2005. my new podiatrist named my pain as plantar fasc. he took xrays, gave me a cortisone shot in my heel, and then gave me an ultrasound treatment. he told be to roll my foot on a frozen bottle of ice water, and to wear my orthodics. i've been doing it. i've had many ultrasound treatments since and had another shot in my heel (not cortisone--it was VERY painful). what now?

i'm 37, weigh about 170 lbs, and am a walker. for example, i did the 39.3 mile avon walk for breast cancer in june 2004 (was fit with shoes specifically geared toward arch support, etc). from jun 2004-april 2005 i solely wore birkenstocks (even shoveling the snow--was trying to gt support without wearing orthodics which really aggravated my 'good' foot). i did NO extra curricular walking from april until just recently, as per dr's orders; and then he said i should start be regular routine. was on vacation last week and spent most of the time walking at a slow pace--site seeing, iced every night (didn't roll) and it felt great. yesterday my foot REALLY hurt--more than in a long time (the bottom of my heel). sugestions?


Re: too long

Laura on 6/14/05 at 09:09 (176748)

Wish I could help, but I've had PF for 10 years now! I had a cortizone (I'm anti-cortizone) shot finally last winter and after 4 weeks decided that I could walk to lunch and back (maybe a mile). The next day I was back to square one. Do yourself a favor and do anything you can to get this resolved before it becomes more acute/chronic. I wish I had known then what I know now about PF. I would have worked much harder to get healed, even if it meant totally staying off my feet for a month or more.

I wish you luck. Don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but I didn't do the stretches religeously, I didn't ice routinely, and I hate where I'm at now! Can't even walk to the mailbox or drive a car without pain.

Good luck,