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Posted by MICHELLE on 6/14/05 at 09:55 (176755)

I am trianing for a 60 mile breadt cancer walk in july and have developed pf inmy left foot I am doing PT /with Iontophorese(??spelling)i also have a dynasplint night splint and haw slowed down training to 2-3 walks a week!
I seems to bother me more now than before i started therapy! I have tried taping the foot by that makes it worse??
any suggestionS???


Leopold on 6/14/05 at 12:17 (176766)


You have to stop walking first!! Get off your feet as much as possible and start icing, massaging, and stretching. Wear shoes all the time and lose weight if your are overweight. That's my best advice for what it's worth! Hang in there too, this injury takes time to heal like any other.



Ron on 6/14/05 at 16:52 (176775)

There are so many suggestions that I could write a book on it. PF isn't something to take lightly. Even with the proper treatment it can get worse before it gets better and may take months.

I would talk it over with your PT or Pod and see if he thinks you should attempt this _walking for breast cancer._ A 60 mile walk is difficult. Over how many days will this be attempted?

Rest may be your only option.


mmclaughlin on 6/14/05 at 21:08 (176789)

the walk is 3 days july 8,9 and 10th he did say i could walk he would give a cortisone injection right before the walk to help me though and then i will rest, rest, stretch, ice, and do pt regularly but my team is counting on me we have raised over $11000.00!! and knowing some that are walking as breast cancer survivors doing chemo treatment during this walk i owe it to them to complete this walk
thanks for the info


frustrated on 6/14/05 at 21:24 (176794)

i am 37 and started having pain in oct of 03 and started trng for the 39.3 mile avon walk in mar/apr. i thought i'd been heeled when i found shoes that seemed to help more than the orthodics (and they didn't make my 'good' foot hurt like the orthodics did). i trained hard for the walk--up to 25 miles at a shot. my feet have not been the same since. i strictly wore my birkenstocks from the day after the walk jun 04 until apr 05 when my new podiatrist insisted that i wear my orthodics, ice and stretch. i've been very good about wearing the orthodics and icing/rolling my foot on frozen bottle of water BUT have been very bad at doing additional stretching. planned to start trng in apr 05 and the podiatrist made me take 2 months off--no extracurricular walking. i've had two shots--very painful, usually take at least one day not to hurt so bad, and i don't think they do much good (and they are expensive--1st one $200, 2nd one $600--still working on why 2nd one was $600). have been doing a lot of walking this past few weeks and am having lots of problems.

to do the breast cancer walk or not? hmmmmmm. i've never had a more powerful experience in my whole life. on the other hand, my feet have never been the same. it REALLY is a tough call. i feel your pain--in many ways.

this year i worked registration for the walk and enjoyed it immensely. was great to encourage the walkers, be able to answer some of their questions (since i did the walk last year), etc.

as a woman and a cancer survivor, in remission for 6 years and 3 months, i want to say thank you for doing such a terrific job at fundraising for this worthwhile cause.