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post tibial tendon?

Posted by wheaticus on 6/15/05 at 19:45 (176903)

I am having trouble with my middle three toes.
Thought that I had damaged my achilles on the opposite side (outer) but on my inner ankle below that 'ball' is where the pain is, but my toes are not working correctly and I cannot put my foot to the ground and have my toes touch the ground.

It has been almost 3 weeks since i have had difficulty with my toes/ankle and 2 weeks since I have been on crutches and in a soft cast/brace/boot type thing.

I don't think that I am getting a correct diagnosis or achilles tendonitis and sprains.
any ideas?
I am going to PT on Monday.

Re: post tibial tendon?

Linda on 6/17/05 at 08:45 (176997)

Did you have an mri to rule out any type of tear?
I had a torn posterior tibial tendon,and the tests my doctor did was see if i could stand on my tip toes,and when i stood,my ankle bone almost touched the ground,and if you looked at me from behind,you could see 3 of my toes on the outside of my foot.
i would get a second opinion...........i did

Re: post tibial tendon?

wheaticus on 6/20/05 at 06:58 (177072)

your ankle bone almost touched the ground?
it is not that bad for me.....but I do have a bit of a toe spread.....2nd and 3rd toe.....are those the ones that hurt yuou? how about the bridge fo your foot?
did you have to have surgery?
thanks much

Re: post tibial tendon?

Linda on 6/21/05 at 07:40 (177149)

Yes, I had surgery
I had a calcaneal osteotomy,Tendon Transfer,and achilles tendon lengthening.
I had 2 surgeons that did it,because the doctor i went to said it was a complicated surgery. I went for a second opinion on my first doctor's request. The second surgeon agreed. I am still using crutches,and i have achilles tendonitis. I had the surgery last June 13.