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Still need an answer on what can I expect during recovery

Posted by ESWT Therapy Questions on 6/16/05 at 01:20 (176919)

I appreciate the threads sent to me, however, they are not specifically telling me what kind of discomfort I will be in afterwards. Also, I am reading about being treated by a Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in the foot, is this always the case. My doctor was highly recommended and I have faith in him, he is a podiatric surgeon, and the procedure is upcoming next week. Any positives or negatives you have PERSONALLY, not sending me threads, will be appreciated.

J and J

Re: Still need an answer on what can I expect during recovery

Mar on 6/16/05 at 07:29 (176922)

Everyone reacts differently to ESWT or to any procedure. Some people have very little discomfort and some have a lot. It depends on how your body reacts I would guess. For me, with ESWT I was in a lot of pain for a few days and then it began to lessen until it was back to where it was before the ESWT. If I remember, it was a few weeks. I never got relief from ESWT, but evidently a lot of people do. It might also depend on how much pain you are in before the ESWT. Good luck. Hopefully others will answer your question as well -- Mar

Re: Still need an answer on what can I expect during recovery

DavidW on 6/16/05 at 19:04 (176969)

I had ESWT in January of this year. I had the high energy kind that required my foot to be made numb. The injection was not fun, but not too bad either. After the procedure I was able to walk to my car, although very uncomfortably. Numbness lasted around 6 or so hours. Several days of pretty bad pain followed. After that, the pain was pretty much the same as usual and SLOWLY got better up until around 10 weeks. Between 10 and 14 weeks, things were great, with pain reduction around 50%. At just around 14 weeks, for no apparent reason, I had a total relapse and have been in pain just as before the procedure. As others have stated, don't be discouraged by bad stories such as mine. I don't think that people with positive outcomes report back as often as failed outcomes. Hope this helps.

Re: Still need an answer on what can I expect during recovery

Lynn F. on 6/16/05 at 21:46 (176975)

I had ESWT in October. The procedure is tolerable, the ankle numbing being the worst part. Everyone reacts differently but for me it got worse before getting better. No icing or anti-inflammatories (Advil) for several weeks (as the inflmmation caused by ESWT is what promotes healing). The first 4 months, periods of moderate to insufferable pain. I babied my foot and swallowed my pride. I began using electric cart in food store (ignoring the evil looks I rec'd from seniors). Walking around those hard floors caused me MAJOR set backs. I did only NON-weight bearing exercises that are posted on this site. The shockwave tech ill-avised me to hang off stairs and do wall stretches -- these are big no-no's, which I soon found out. I also used a night splint.

The best advice I rec'd during my healing was to be PATIENT. There were many many times I felt I wasn't getting any better, but eventually I did. At 8 months now, I'm 95% better. I'm still very cautious but I do have my life back. Good luck to you and keep posting.

Re: Still need an answer on what can I expect during recovery

elvis on 6/16/05 at 22:58 (176982)

You didn't say what kind of machine your doctor will be using. The podiatrist I go to in San Diego uses a Sonorex the 'low energy' machine but he uses it with an 'off-lable' protocol. He starts out at low energy and then gradually works up to a higher energy as the numbness from the procedure sets in. He eventually ends up at a higher energy than the Ossatron. All with no anesthetic at all. He finds about 85% success with this protocol. Good luck.

Re: Still need an answer on what can I expect during recovery

S. B. on 6/22/05 at 19:28 (177224)

My husband had Ossatron on both feet February 3. He had to take 7 weeks off of work because the pain was pretty bad. He really didn't notice any improvement until around 10 weeks or so, then started to get worse again a couple of weeks later. His orthopedic surgeon (that's who we chose to use for the procedure) started the ball rolling at his 12 week check up to get a second treatment. However, within the last month he has noticed a major improvement. We have put the second treatment off for at least a month to see if he even needs it.

Everyone's stories seem to be different, but it seems the ones that have success can take alot of time. So hang in there.

Re: What to expect.... per my experience... long

Lori S. on 6/29/05 at 01:06 (177463)

I didnt sleep thenight before, Afraid of what would happen during this procedure...(mostly worried about he shots in my feet). Silly me..... it was really easy. Dont get me wrong...the shots in your feet arent fun, but if you have had cortizone shots in them, its not as bad as that.

I had ESWT in the podiatrists office using the Dornier Epos. I was given 8 injections two on each side of my heels. They had me lay on my side, and the Tech measured my pf... then told me to relax... because i was frozen in position. The machine clicks, it gets faster as time goes on, but it was like 15 to 20 minutes per foot - thats a guess,, seemed to be about that.

After the procedure,, I walked to my car. Its really weird because you can feel your toes,,,,,, but your heels are completely numb. We drove 6 hours home,,,, my feet remained numb most of the day and the next I could feel them.

I was to the point of living on pain meds and having Una boots put on my legs every week for a month prior to eswt. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and I took it easy after ESWT. About 2 weeks after ESWT, the pain was back with a vengance.... I was still on pain meds, I stretched, using only the pf stretch listed here, because I only did what didnt hurt. I used only heat for the pain, and vicodin. Every week was a little better. Around 3 months after ESWT, I was off pain meds. I am now 10 months post ESWT and my feet are great. The bother me now and then if I scrunch down on them for periods of time, or just abuse them. But now, by the next day they are fine.

I think people should know,,,,, its not easy right away afterwards, its like any other surgery ( I believe anyways), it takes time to heal. 10 to 14 days after the pain set in and I thought OH my ,,what did I do this for. But, it takes time,, everyweek gets a little better.

I babied my feet for 5 months. I still do, I am afraid to be in pain and living in pain meds world. Dont give up, and be good to your feet. Come here for support on those bad days. Learn to do stretches, but only do what you feel okay doing, dont push it. I was used to using ice for the pain, after eswt they said only heat. It also helped to put my feet on a pillow when sleeping --- dont know why,,,, just did.

Everyone is different, and how they heal is different and how your body reacts to procedures, etc, is different. This is just how things went with me. And most of all, remember,, people are here when you need to vent.... ESWT was the best thing I did. I tried everything else,,,,this was my answer and I hope its yours...
best wishes,

Re: What to expect.... per my experience... long

Dr. Zuckerman on 6/29/05 at 08:14 (177471)

and your avoided the possibility of infection, biomechanical damage to the foot due to cutting of the plantar fascia, sutures, bandages, crutches, canes and nerves being cut. When I use to do PF releases patients were typically on narcotics very day for weeks plus and I am not talking about vicodin . I am talking about Dilaudid, Demeral

Re: What to expect.... per my experience... long

Lori S. on 8/05/05 at 07:13 (180031)

Dr.Zuckerman... Its true, you listed the things that made me search for an alternative. I am very happy with the results of my eswt. I still have days, seemingly it happens more when its humid out, but my feet are a million times better than they were before.