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Could I have a tendon tear?

Posted by Linda on 6/16/05 at 08:56 (176933)

I tore my posterior tibialis in my left foot and had a stage 3 tear in which i had a calcaneal osteotomy,achilles tendon lengthening,and tendon transfer. I had surgery June 14,2004,and am still on crutches and now in physical therapy for achilles tendonitis. I got a second,and even a third opinion before surgery,and before this round of physical therapy for achilles tendonitis. My foot is still pretty sore,and i can't put total weight on my heel without severe pain.
I have fairly new orthotics,and brand new sneakers.

I also have a new problem. My right foot is hurting as bad as my left one did when i tore the tendon,but my entire foot is killing on the bottom,and my third toe is dropping down and killing. The outside of my foot is killing,and my heel is burning in the very back of it. My calf is also sore.
My doctor thinks it's only tendonitis,but i don't think so.