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to Dr.Ed re your whistler weekend

Posted by carynz on 6/16/05 at 12:43 (176949)

Re: Whistler weekend in Canada
Posted by carynz on 6/15/05 at 13:11 View Thread
hi Ed,

what you forgot to say is that Whistler is another 2 hours approx. from Vancouver along that beautiful stretch of highway we call the Sea to Sky! I was hoping to read more about your Whistler trip and if you liked it there but you nnever said anything more about your trip. Where did you stay? To me this area is much like Banff and I think you went on a trip to the Rockies last year didn't you? When we moved from Calgary to BC the first place we visited was Whistler and it reminded us so much of Banff that we now go there a few times a year sometimes just for the day although staying in the village is more fun. Skiing is great too.

Do you get up our way much?


Re: to Dr.Ed re your whistler weekend

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/16/05 at 18:21 (176963)

I would move there in a heartbeat if I could. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful places I have seen. I try to make it up about every two years for now.

Re: to Dr.Ed re your whistler weekend

Necee on 6/17/05 at 00:06 (176986)

Give me some info about that area Caryn. I've heard of Banff, and understand it's very pretty there.......enlighten me!!
I would like to take a trip in that direction sometime.

Happy trails......


Re: to Dr.Ed re your whistler weekend

Cyndi on 6/20/05 at 10:26 (177087)

I have been to Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain Resort in Canada also, It is a beautiful ski resort in Winter and the Next Winter Olymphics will be held there. I would also move there in a heartbeat if I could. It is north of the city of Vancouver which is heaven in itself also. The ski to sky highway is a beautiful road. If in Vancouver , be sure to go to Stanley Park among the many other things to do in this beautiful city. You may also take the ferry to Victoria, Canada. Take the Greyline and enjoy these awesome cities.

Re: to Dr.Ed re your whistler weekend

carynz on 6/20/05 at 15:26 (177108)

hi Cyndi,

my you are a wonderful advocate for our fair land! I have just returned home from a weekend in Victoria and for the first time I decided to take the Grayline city tour for something different to do and it was fabulous. $20 well spent for a 1 1/2 hour entertaining and interesting time in an old British double decker bus where I sat up top in the very front seat. I think I was able to see Japan!

Yes the next winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver/Whistler and the surrounding areas in 2010 and things are slowly gearing up for this event. We moved from the prairies, Calgary Alberta to the coast 10 years ago and love it. WE are so close to the mountains still, but also so much closer to the Pacific Ocean and I do love the ferry across to Vancouver Island although it is quite expensive to do this trip often unless one has an open ended budget!

We live about 1 hour driving time east of Vancouver itself in the Fraser Valley so we don't get into town that often. It is a 2 hour drive to Vancouver International Airport for us but now we have our own little airport here in Abbotsford operating at full speed so we don't have the need to go into the Vancouver airport unless it's for international flights abroad or to Hawaii or Australia. We usually fly from Seattle which is closer for us as we are only 5 miles from the USA border at Sumas Washington so it's 35 minutes down to Bellingham and then 2 1/2 hours to Seattle itself. Customs is much less of a hassle this way too I find when travelling.

If any of you are familiar with Chilliwack or Harrison Hot Springs Resort, I am heading off there this afternoon for some sand and sun since the temperature is a gorgeous 28 celcius or 89F and once the kids come home from school we will take off for a BBQ and water time at the lake.

Have a great day everyone