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Message for Kathy

Posted by Leopold on 6/16/05 at 22:17 (176978)


I have posted a reply to your message. I thought you might not check page 2 so I thought I better tell you.


Re: Message for Kathy

Kathy G on 6/17/05 at 09:22 (177000)

Thanks, Leopold. We're on the same page now! Let's see, I've had PF since 1995. I actually started with an atypical Morton's Neuroma and progressed to atypical PF a year or two later. I fought the ide of custom orthotics with the same arguments I hear on the Boards. You know, 'They're a waste of money,' or 'I'll never wear them.' When I finally got them, they were a Godsend.

I'd say I'm about 60% better than I was. On a good day, I can go to the Mall, for example, and shop, which I actually don't like but it's sometimes necessary, and mallwalk for exercise for maybe four hours. I'm in pain after that but I rebound much quicker than I used to. My half hour walks, which is what I had finally resorted to as a means of exercise, are now down to fifteen minutes and only on a very good day. I've become a master at pacing myself.

When arthritis set in a couple of years ago, I really had to change my life. Now it has to be a good foot day and a good hand day for me to do eveything I want to do and naturally, they never fall on the same day. I've had to start taking regular meds for the OA pain but it's certainly better than having RA.

I'm sorry that muscle relaxants don't help you. That makes me think that you aren't experiencing muscle spasms but have some other problem. I don't know if people with Fibromyalgia respond ot muscle relaxants or not. Have you discussed the idea that you might have Fibro with your PCP? I take amitriptyline at bedtime to help prevent migraines but it also would help if I have Fibromyalgia. Most of the doctors think I do but I don't know if they're right. If I do, they're just giving a name to something I've had all my life.

I wish I had some words of wisdom to offer but all I can say is that living with pain is still living and I could be so much worse off. I find that stretching, a nice warm shower in the morning and pacing myself work best for me. If I can fight my tendency to overdo it, then I am much better off. I haven't quite mastered it but I'm better at it than I was a few years ago. If I'm going to have a particularly active day, I try to rest a day or two ahead of time. I consider this to be enabling myself to enjoy life as opposed to thinking of myself as being disabled.

By the way, there's a marvelous book called 'Stretching' by Bob Anderson that's been around for years and is still used by physical therapists. I highly recommend it. You know your own body so you can choose which stretches you can do without harm.

Take care and may your pains soon lessen!

Re: Message for Kathy

Leopold on 6/24/05 at 23:37 (177295)

Kathy, Thanks for your reply. I'm surprise you have lived with PF for 10 years!! When I had it for 8 years after no lasting relief with conservative measures I went for the surgery. It sounds like you might be getting better slowly though. I have improved alot since my PF surgery. It has been 10 mos. post-op and I now can go for a 20 min. walk without too much pain. It is so wonderful to be able to go for a 20 min. walk again. I believe the walking is helping with my neck pain too! The chiropractor told me it would. She told me to even go for a 10 min. walk if that would be all I could stand because it would benefit my neck. Have you heard that walking helps neck pain?