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Night Splint or surgery options

Posted by Leslie B on 6/16/05 at 22:22 (176979)

Yea, what a choice!! I had ESWT in February for PF and it just has not worked. I saw my podiatrist today and he is miffed as to what to try next. I could have ESWT again (at my expense - insurance helped paid the last time), but there is still no guarantee it will work. He suggested I might want to try a dorsal night splint. He showed me one, and quite frankly, I just don't think I want to bother with such a thing. The ONLY other option at this point is invasive surgery - releasing the fascia. I am petrified of doing that. Not because I am afraid of surgery, but that I don't want to end up with a foot that hurts more than it does now. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Re: Night Splint or surgery options

elvis on 6/16/05 at 23:00 (176983)

I think Dr Z would recommend a 2nd ESWT treatment. That's what I would do but that's me.

Re: Night Splint or surgery options

Ron on 6/17/05 at 11:08 (177014)

According to the studies, night splints are a great option. But if night splints work then proper stretching should work as well. All night splints do is stretch your achillies tendon and your calves while sleeping.

IMHO, night splints should have been tried before surgery. Otherwise, wait and see if ESWT will continue to work. Sometimes it can take awhile for healing to take place.

Re: Night Splint or surgery options

fernando on 6/17/05 at 14:29 (177020)

Leslie, don't go surgery before you have tried everything, I have been using the night splint for a week and I just got little relief, specially the few hours after I take it off.