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Dr Z......8 mm osteophyte....how bad is this?

Posted by isabella on 6/17/05 at 09:10 (176998)

Dr Z, I had a bone scan and x rays, I do not understand the results and I won't see my doctor in two more weeks, please help me... it goes..

' The examination discloses on the dynamic portion of the examination, normal symmetrical flow to both feet. On the blood pool study, no appreciable uptake is identified. On the delayed images there is increased activity on the right side in the region of the inferior posterior aspect of the calcaneus may be ralated to the osteophyte or a stress fracture. Correlation is necessary. The left foot is unremarkable.'

and the x rays :
' off the plantar surface of the calcaneus an 8mm osteophyte is identified. No soft tissue abnormality could be indentified. '

is this osteophyte too big?? is there anything I should do about it??

thank you very much Doc

Re: Dr Z......8 mm osteophyte....how bad is this?

Dr. Zuckerman on 6/17/05 at 09:55 (177003)

This could be a stress fracture. Call you doctor asap. Out of your feet for now.