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DPMs all over the board on everything

Posted by Scott Mc on 6/17/05 at 17:13 (177027)

I've asked questions re MRIs, ESWTs, ultrasound, and surgery. This site shows absolutely no concensus among DPMs on any of these subject. 'Good', 'bad', 'do it', 'don't do it', 'worthwhile', 'worthless'. Who knows what or whom to believe?

The site reflects my experiences with local DPMs. Each has a stretching exercise that is THE stretching exercise, each has an icing method that is THE icing method. The opinions on MRIs and surgery are equally split among the 4 local DPMs.

And, having seen 4 DPMs, I now have 3 pairs of orthotics; I guess one guy slipped up.

Time for me to take a rest from this site and DPMs. It would be interesting to see what an orthopedic surgeon might say, just for grins.

Re: DPMs all over the board on everything

DavidW on 6/17/05 at 18:51 (177031)

Scott Mc, I agree with you. I have spent 3 years going to every doctor imaginable, and I don't think that I got the same advice twice - ever! Extremely frustrating. In my field of work, Technology, standards are a way of living. Wish some of the varied docs would try the same. I do think that most of the docs on this site have pretty good advice and 10 times what any doctor I have seen in person has offered (and free). Kudos to the docs on this site.

Re: DPMs all over the board on everything

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/18/05 at 01:07 (177040)

The simple fact is that one needs to start with a precise diagnosis and follow an algorithm that meets the nees of the specific patient. This site has a huge amount of information but it ccannot beorganized into one algorithm that fits enough individuals. We had talked about a flow chart for the infromation on the site in the past. I need to point out that the poster above did email me and I sxplained some different algorithms to him but cannot proceed blindly. He can see an orthopedic surgeon and allow his frustration to perhaps worsen. The longer pain hangs around themore recalcitant it tends to become.

I just finished dealing with a situation with Elyse in which she had some poor treatment leading to confusion. Unfortunately the docs here are dedicated but we cannot save the world.

David, I thank yu for your compliments as they are generous but the frustration of resistance from those we tryto help has made me decide that it is time for a rest,a sabbatical to the sight.

Best regards,

Re: DPMs all over the board on everything

Ron on 6/20/05 at 19:40 (177125)

Dr. Davis, don't take the criticism too seriously. Some people expect to have a treatment strategy handed to them. From loads of experience, I know that with chronic debilitating disorders an easy route doesn't exist.

And remember, no good deed goes unpunished.

Enjoy your rest, and I hope you'll be back soon.

Re: DPMs all over the board on everything

Scott Mc on 6/21/05 at 09:51 (177158)

My criticism was not directed at Dr. Davis. In fact, he has been one of the better DPMs. He and I have exchanged E-mails re my treatment and he seems to have a plan.

I have been receiving input only from DPMs. I still say they are all over the board, whether local or on this site. It seems likely that DPMs would have an anti-surgery bias, as this in not their primary training.

To get a new perspective, I feel I must step outside the 'DPM World' and see what an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in feet has to say.

I may end up back with the DPMs, maybe Dr. Davis.

Re: DPMs all over the board on everything

Ron on 6/22/05 at 23:46 (177239)

I think your reading many DPMs wrong. It isn't that they have a bias against surgery. It's that surgery can cause more problems and so it's used as a last resort.

If you get an operation then please let us know how things went. It's always nice to hear successes or ,God forbid, failures (so others can know the risks involved in a certain treatment.)

Re: DPMs all over the board on everything

Scott Mc on 6/24/05 at 17:31 (177284)

I agree, invasive surgery last resort. But, I may be there. ESWT with appropriate protocol--meaning more than one treatment--may be better but that's such a nightmare. Prohibitively expensive and no insurance coverage. I'll get consultations from the best I can find before proceeding. I plan to consult with one DPM re ESWT (too many are not familiar with it) and one orthopedic surgeon re surgery.