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DR Z Your radio ad

Posted by vince on 6/18/05 at 04:38 (177044)

During a very rare visit to a friend in NYC I heard your ad on 710 AM. I'm curious about the claim that an FDA trial showed ESWT to be 94% effective for Plantar Fasciitis. In additon you advetise treatment for Lateral Epicondylitis- I know you have Dornier's and that device has not been approved by the FZDA for that problem. I think your ad might contain elements that could be considered 'misbranding' by the FDA.

Re: DR Z Your radio ad

Elyse B on 6/18/05 at 04:57 (177046)

Vince I thought it was not 'professional' or 'legal' to state 'effectiveness' or 'cure' rates for ESWT? I live in NYC and I listen to 710 AM all the time, I will look for the informercial because that is all that station has. All day and all night, informercials from 'doctor' hawking their 'cures' with vitamins etc. etc.

Re: DR Z Your radio ad

Ralph on 6/18/05 at 09:19 (177052)

Dr. Zuckermans exit from this site was very fast. Maybe he was already notified about the ad that Vince heard especially if a competitor brought notice to it. Without insurance coverage maybe there is in fighting or something going on between the large providing groups.

Did anyone else think his last post a bit strange?

Re: DR Z Your radio ad

Ralph on 6/18/05 at 09:27 (177053)

Also what happened to the ESWT board? It has so few posts.

Re: DR Z Your radio ad

Dr. Z on 6/18/05 at 09:28 (177054)

Here is the reason that I am reducing my time on Heelspurs.com . I have been appointed President of the first American Society for Shockwave Therapy. This will take alot of time beside my practice , beside being the medical director for Excellence Shockwave Therapy. Once I complete the major initial responsiblities you will see me back. I am still in shock ( pun) that I have been honored with such a hugh task and honor. My goal is to bring all of the companies, podiatrists, orthopedists, venders, and insurance companies into the group as respresentatives. I will give more details as this organization begins to grow.
This is very exciting time for ESWT .

Re: DR Z Your radio ad

Dr. Z on 6/18/05 at 09:37 (177055)

Not sure what you are talking about with ' MY AD' . I am not aware of any advertizement in New York . Here is what may or may not be what the 94% is about from the one year FDA follow up.

. The Active Group reported 56% success at 3 months and 94% success at 12 months posttreatment

1: Foot Ankle Int. 2004 May;25(5):290-7. Related Articles, Links

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy for the treatment of plantar fasciitis.

Theodore GH, Buch M, Amendola A, Bachmann C, Fleming LL, Zingas C.

Foot and Ankle Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 02114, USA. (email removed)

One hundred fifty patients were enrolled in a multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled, prospective, double-blind study to assess the clinical safety and effectiveness of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) using the Dornier Epos Ultra for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. The Active Group was treated with electromagnetically generated shocks using ultrasound guidance during a single therapy session. The Control Group received a sham treatment under similar clinical conditions. The groups were demographically similar with respect to age, height, and weight. The average duration of symptoms was nearly 2 years in both groups. All patients were evaluated by the visual analog scale for pain, American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society scores, Roles and Maudsley Score, SF-12 health status questionnaire, and physical examination. The Active Group reported 56% success at 3 months and 94% success at 12 months posttreatment. The Control Group reported 47% success at 3 months posttreatment. Twelve-month data were not collected for the Control Group as they were unblinded at 3 months and offered treatment. ESWT represents a safe treatment option for chronic proximal plantar fasciitis.

Publication Types:
Clinical Trial
Multicenter Study
Randomized Controlled Trial

PMID: 15134608 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Re: DR Z Your radio ad

Ralph on 6/18/05 at 10:49 (177058)

Great going Dr. Zuckerman. If anyone can do justice to developing this new organization you are the man for the job. You've been at ESWT a long time and this might be the real breakthrough that is needed not only for doctors and venders but for patients and the insurance headaches they encounter. Maybe those will vanish because of your work.

Good luck in your new role 'Mr. President', but I think most of us like the title 'Dr. Zuckerman of heelspurs' better.

Re: DR Z Your radio ad

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/18/05 at 11:04 (177059)

I think that Dr. Zuckerman will be the very best man for the job as President of the American Society of Musculoskeletal Shockwave therapy. I am convinced, beyond a doubt, that he will lead that organization to tremendous success.

Re: DR Z Your radio ad

Dr. Z on 6/18/05 at 11:19 (177060)

Ed, Ralph,
I hope that I can live up to this job. It has placed a new spark into my life. I thank all who have placed me in this very exciting position.

Re: to Dr. Z Re: DR Z Your radio ad

vince on 6/20/05 at 14:48 (177106)

The ad was placed on 710 AM radio by Excellence ESWT. Are you telling us that you are not associated in any manner with Excellence ESWT? I believe that you are a principle in Excellence if not the actual owner.

Re: DR Z Your radio ad

JudyS on 6/21/05 at 08:49 (177153)

Congratulations on the appointment Dr. Z!