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Recovering from heel spur surgery

Posted by Orfie on 6/19/05 at 14:05 (177069)

I had heel spur surgery about six weeks ago. I am in a lot of pain. Not heel spur pain but I now have pain in my ankle, toes and the ball of my foot. I have been massaging my foot and stretching my foot and nothing seems to help. Is this normal? Can someone give me advice on much longer I will have these pains?

Re: Recovering from heel spur surgery

Ron on 6/20/05 at 17:25 (177117)

I cannot answer your quenstions, sorry. Have you contacted the surgeon/podiatrist yet? This pain isn't normal. I'd have a talk with him and see what you can do.

Re: Recovering from heel spur surgery

april l on 6/20/05 at 19:29 (177124)

I disagree with Ron that the pain you are describing isn't normal. I had the surgery twice and had the same pains both times. My heel felt better but every other part of my foot hurt! All I can say is it takes a long time to recover from EPF surgery, 6 months to a year according to my doctor. Definitely talk with your doctor though so he can decide if you are healing properly. I can just tell you from my experience.

Re: Recovering from heel spur surgery

Orfie on 6/21/05 at 10:23 (177160)

Thank you April. I go back to the doctor on July 15. Icing my foot in ankle brace has calm the soreness and strecthing too. I have to be patient, the doctor told me it will take about three months to see if the surgery worked. I think it already has, it's just the other stuff I have to deal with.
Thanks again for the advice.

Re: Recovering from heel spur surgery

Dave R on 6/21/05 at 11:41 (177167)

I aslo had it done twice and had the same trouble. You are a long way from being in less pain. Stay off your feet and do what your doctor tells you. This surgery can take up to a year or more to heel

Re: Recovering from heel spur surgery

Orfie on 7/01/05 at 22:36 (177713)

April, when did you have your surgeries? And do you have NO pain at all?

Re: Recovering from heel spur surgery

april l on 7/02/05 at 15:25 (177726)

I had surgery on my right foot in January 1997 and on my left foot in August 2003. I consider myself pain free. I can wake up in the morning and hop out of bed without the excrutiating heel pain. My feet get sore if I have been on my feet for 5 hours, like at work, but I consider that 'normal' and not PF. My feet are fine after resting after getting off work, but before surgery I would continue to suffer even on my days off. I never could just get up from sitting without pain. Now I can. My first surgery took longer to become pain free, and in fact I thought it was a failure and was very depressed. But once I stopped thinking about my foot and 'gave up' so to speak, I noticed I didn't feel the pain anymore. That was over a year. I believe I had a full release on that foot. My second surgery was 1/3 release and took about 10 months to become pain free. Over that 10 month period I had many good days followed by setbacks. If I hadn't had the first surgery and known about the long recovery, I would have been very upset. That is the reason I still post here. I believe that many people are not informed by their doctors just how long it takes. It can get worse before it gets better and I only wish I had known that after my first surgery. I would have been more patient. It's hard to not expect immediate results after going through all the time consuming conservative treatments that don't work. I waited a long time (7 years)to do the surgery on my left foot. I knew there are risks and that it doesn't always help, but to me it was worth the risk because I was in such severe pain.

Re: Recovering from heel spur surgery

Dr. Z on 7/02/05 at 16:40 (177730)

What activities can you do now that you couldn't do before pf release ? Are you able to go to the mall all day. Walk you dog. Work out? Stand in line for thirty minutes.
Tell us about your life style before and after the foot surgery.

Re: Recovering from heel spur surgery

Lindsay M on 7/02/05 at 18:13 (177731)

Hello, I also had a quick question about pain after heal pain surgery. I am four and a half weeks post of from an open fasciotomy and heel spur removal. I've been allowed to bear weight on it for a week and a half. I now have pain in the bag of my lower leg. What would cause this?? And what could I do to help the pain.I did all the stretches, so I'm thinking it could be that I'm walking differently to keep weight off my heel. Thanks in advance for any answers

Re: Recovering from heel spur surgery

april l on 7/02/05 at 20:51 (177737)

Well, I have worked as a waitress for many many years and the PF caused me to be in severe pain... I was barely able to get through a shift and after my shift I would still feel severe pain on standing and could barely walk. I had to use a wheelchair on vacation because the pain was unbearable walking around. I suffered through and did most everything else because I had to..with young kids and needing to work I had no choice. Now I can do everything but without pain. Don't have a dog, but I walk miles to catch buses and can go shopping without pain. My feet do get sore if I work a long shift, but after resting they feel fine whereas before surgery my feet never recovered and I limped around after. Basically I don't have any limitations. I only waitress two days a week now because after all these years it has taken a toll physically and I dont want other problems. I spent the last year finishing my degree and am going to be an accountant, which will get me off my feet. I don't need any more feet trouble so I am making the switch. But still, it is nice to be able to waitress and not feel like crying. It is nice to be able to go to my child when he cries in the middle of the night without hobbling to get to him.

Re: Recovering from heel spur surgery

doodle on 2/08/06 at 19:35 (193127)

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