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Kidner Procedure

Posted by Vidal P on 6/20/05 at 21:59 (177133)

My 14 year old boy had Kidner Procedure done on his left foot about 3 month ago, he is still complaining that his foot hurts a lot specially after short walks. Does anyone has any experience on the recovery of this surgery and if the pain will be a life long thing? Unfortunatly his doctor says that he is doing ok but I am not happy since I see him in deep pain. Sports apparently are going to be out of the question. Any sugestions?

Re: Kidner Procedure

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/22/05 at 20:18 (177226)

I do a fair amount of Kidner procedures so I will interject here. He definitely should not be in deep pain 3 months out but nearly healed. Time for a second opinion. Where do you live as i will see if I know someone in your area.

Re: Kidner Procedure

Vidal P on 7/10/05 at 17:20 (178142)

We live in Miami

Re: Kidner Procedure

Don on 5/08/06 at 11:18 (198737)

Sorry for the late notice.

I had my first one done on my right foot for an accessory navicular to add hardware to hold the bone in place. I was instructed by my Naval Podiatrist to be non weight bearing for 6 months on crutches and then I walked for 3 with a cane and then three months of Light Duty. I was instructed that it takes a full year for the tendon to fuse to the bone.

I was 25 years old at the time and although I had to get it again because the hardware came out on it's own I am running 5 miles a day at a 7:30 pace with no unbearable pain. It is uncomfortable at times and it is always there, but it didn't stopped me from playing semi-pro baseball in Japan for 3 years.

Again I am sorry I never saw this until now and maybe all you can do is get a little bit of wish I knew this before, but I had to respond.