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Hey folks! Happy Summer Solstice!

Posted by Kathy G on 6/21/05 at 16:29 (177175)

May you all enjoy the 'longest day of the year.' When I was a child, my mother always mentioned it because she loved summer. When I was about six, I figured that, no matter how you cut it, every day had twenty-four hours in it. I kind of wondered how such a smart lady could keep saying the same thing, year after year. Being a well-behaved child, I never corrected her.

It wasn't until I was in third grade that I found out what she meant. Till the day she died, we both shared a good laugh on 'the longest day of the year' and the fact that I was smart enough to know how many hours there were in a day but not mature enough not to take everything literally!

We're enjoying a second day in a row with sunshine and no chance of showers. Our plants are in shock because they are wondering what that yellow orb up in the sky is. It is truly welcome and may it continue!

Hope you all have a happy day!

Re: Hey folks! Happy Summer Solstice!

Suzanne D. on 6/21/05 at 20:31 (177188)

And a happy day (evening) to you, too, Kathy!

Suzanne :)