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Muscles goes from tight to weak...

Posted by KW on 6/21/05 at 19:49 (177181)

I'm not sure if others have had this experience, but when I started with PF if was mainly in my arch and then it moved to my achellies tendon. The AT was VERY tight! After regular stretching for a few weeks it feels much more flexible, but very weak. Has anyone esle had this? Does it seem normal for recovery?

Also, the strange things seem to be that my most confortable and supportive shoes for my arch irritate the AT and the sandals that feel better on the AT don't seem to have as much arch support. Does anyone feel that the arch support changes their structure and irritates the AT? I do feel I'm making progress so I give a BIG thumbs up and smile to that!

Re: Muscles goes from tight to weak...

Kathy G on 6/22/05 at 09:37 (177212)

When I had the most trouble with my AT, I was wearing Asics running shoes (with orthotics) but they were motion control shoes. My Pod told me to switch to shoes that weren't motion control. I did, and through exercising and wearing the proper shoes, the problem cleared up. I don't remember it feeling weak; just tight and sore.

Do you wear orthotics? The arch in mine had to be lowered when it first was made because I couldn't tolerate the high arch.

Have you posted this question on the 'Ask the Doctors' and 'Shoes, Orthtotics etc.' boards? You should get some good input there.

Glad to hear that you're feeling better!

Re: Muscles goes from tight to weak...

KW on 6/22/05 at 15:00 (177221)

I had been wearing othotics,but since the athletic shoes seem to bother the AT I've switched to supportive (open back) sandals. It's a funny problem b/c I can't have any (even the slightest) amount of pressure or friction on my AT. ??? Seems strange and is difficult b/c those are the shoes that give my arch the most support.