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Prolotherapy, Anyone?

Posted by Dana S on 6/21/05 at 23:47 (177197)

I just found this board and have been undergoing treatment for plantar faciitis in both feet for about 4 months. I have bone spurs under each heel and behind each heel under the Achilles Tendon. I have my feet taped each week to support my arch (I've even lost a shoe size) and have had two cortisone shots in each heel. Everything was going along pretty well until I cracked one of the bone spurs under my heel. Now healing has stopped in both feet and I had my first prolotherapy treatment last week. I thought I would die from the pain. I only hope that it works. This Friday my podiatrist is going to to the other foot, only this time I begged him to use Novacaine before the injection.

Has anyone tried this treatment before? It is supposed to start inflammation again to stimulate healing.

Thank you,
Northern California

Re: Prolotherapy, Anyone?

Ron on 6/22/05 at 21:42 (177231)

I'm not sure how it works exactly, but I sent an article to this board not long ago where the former Surgeon General of the U.S., C. Everett Coop, had great success with prolotherapy in treating his back pain.

I'm not sure exactly how it works, but regardless of its success it's unlikely to cause further complications.

Whatever your outcome, please come back on this board and tell us how things went.

Re: Prolotherapy, Anyone?

JanP on 6/23/05 at 10:04 (177249)

I tried prolotherapy. Yes, the pain of the shots is excruciating! I stayed off my feet for two weeks post treatment, and during that time my feet felt wonderful! Rest does a lot, but who can rest indefinitely? Anyhow, when I got back on my feet it got quite a bit worse than it had been prior to the treatment. The Dr. discontinued treatment as he said that was not normal.

Use the search function on this site to access previous discussions on prolotherapy. It seems it's purpose is to tighten ligaments whereas most of us with pf need to loosen. That said, my Dr. said it works well on feet normally.

Re: Prolotherapy, Anyone?

John H on 6/27/05 at 11:48 (177369)

There are so many different things that can cause back pain that is not possible for one type of treatment to fit all problems. Such things as bulging disc, collapsed disc, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, cracked verterbra, all sorts of muscle strains,sprains,tears,etc, weak muscles and the list is endless. Back pain is one of the most difficult diseases to treat and diagnose and perhaps the most common of all complaints. Nearly everyone will have a back problem at one time or another. We are all looking for the magic bullet but there not one.

Re: Prolotherapy, Anyone?

Ron on 6/27/05 at 17:15 (177380)

The strange part about back problems is that there isn't an exact reason why one person with a disc problem has pain and another does not. X-rays and MRIs show similar problems but one can't walk and another can run a marathon.

Here's a book based on a possible reason why. It's by Dr. John Sarno, who believes that most back pain isn't caused by structural problems but by muscle tension. Howard Stern was one of his successful patients.


I tend to believe his theories because I've had lower back problems my entire life and nothing has worked. Neither chiropracic care nor stretching. (But lately I've felt some relief from using my new found AI stretching)

Re: Prolotherapy, Anyone?

Dana S on 6/29/05 at 22:13 (177540)

Well, I think it has worked. I still have a little inflammation in the heel that had the shot. Overall, though, it feels the best it has in months.

My other heel is feeling better, too, even though I did not have the shot in that foot. I told my podiatrist that he 'scared' it into healing.


Re: Prolotherapy, Anyone?

Dana S on 6/29/05 at 22:15 (177541)

Ohhh, Jan. Sorry about that. I hope they are feeling better. I've had the tape off my feet now for about a week, and they are a little tender, but feeling much better than before. After four months, I was sick of the tape and padding on both feet.


Re: Prolotherapy, Anyone?

John H on 6/30/05 at 12:24 (177569)

Strange things about shots in the foot for PF. A shot in one foot will often help the other foot. I noticed it and when I asked the Dr who was giving me a shot to give me a shot in both feet he commented that a shot in one foot often helped the other. Figure that out if you can.