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No answeres ?

Posted by Norm on 6/22/05 at 07:34 (177206)

Posted by Norm on 6/07/05 at 12:20 View Thread
Had heel pain for several years, went through all conservative treatments including shockwave therapy with no success. Last fall I was diagnosed with tts & had surgery 10/6/04 with no improvement. pain has gotten much worse & went to a pain dr who tried a topical cream but that had no effect, I saw another foot doc who did an mri , came back negative, he decided to cast the foot for about one month to see if things calm down. he said I have plantar fasciatis & tarsal tunnel. I don't know what to do. foot has been in cast now for 5 weeks & no improvement yet.

help anyone


Re: No answeres ?

Ralph on 6/22/05 at 12:45 (177218)

I'm not a doctor, but if you've progress from plain P.F. to having TTS along with you you've just are now playing in a whole different ballpark.
If I were you I'd begin posting on the TTS board on this site and see if there are any other support groups on the web.

Read all you can about this condition. I've read back posts similar to yours. According to others here TTS surgery isn't one that you take lightly. The doc has to be really, really good and even then the results to successfully eliminate the pain don't seem to be that great.

Many seem to end up at pain clinics just trying to control pain rather than cure their TTS.

Personally I don't think casting is your answer, but then again I'm not a doctor. In the survey that Scott posted on this site about treatments casts didn't seem to fair that well toward providing relief or a cure.

Before you ever undergo another surgery for your P.F. or especially TTS
I'd make certain the doc you choose has had a lot of experience.

Maybe someone here knows a good doc for TTS treatment.