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Help !!

Posted by Norm on 6/22/05 at 14:11 (177220)

Posted by Norm on 6/07/05 at 12:20 View Thread
Had heel pain for several years, went through all conservative treatments including shockwave therapy with no success. Last fall I was diagnosed with tts & had surgery 10/6/04 with no improvement. pain has gotten much worse & went to a pain dr who tried a topical cream but that had no effect, I saw another foot doc who did an mri , came back negative, he decided to cast the foot for about one month to see if things calm down. he said I have plantar fasciatis & tarsal tunnel. I don't know what to do. foot has been in cast now for 5 weeks & no improvement yet.

help anyone


Re: Help !!

Norm on 6/24/05 at 19:18 (177287)

Cast came off today after 5 weeks & I still test positive for tts & PF. Doc says only thing to do is surgery once again to release the tts & cut the plantar fascia. I am lost as what to do. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Norm

Re: Help !!

lara on 6/25/05 at 12:20 (177303)

I know a couple of people who sware accupuncture helped their carpal tunnel. If so, might work for TTS too.

Re: Help !!

Juby on 6/27/05 at 16:03 (177376)

Hey Norm,

I tried all treatments for tts and pfs, found a DPM who put a tarsi sinus implant in about three months ago, so far pain has been relieved almost 100%. I had EPF and tts release before the implant with no improvement. Check into the procedure. I had pfs for fifteen years in both feet.

Re: Help !!

Ron (The Real Ron ;-) on 6/27/05 at 20:01 (177391)

Could you explain more about the 'tarsi sinus implant'? I've never heard of it before.

Re: Help !!

Ron (The Real Ron ;-) on 6/27/05 at 20:03 (177392)

Could you explain how the doctor knows you have PF and TTS? What are the symptoms of your TTS?

Just curious, because I've had PF for some years with little relief and I'm wondering if TTS might be a possibility in my feet. Although it doesn't look that way. I've just heel pain and not much else right now.

Re: Help !!

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/28/05 at 00:27 (177399)

There are several devices that are placed in between the talus (top of the foot bone) and the heel bone that act sort of like a door stop to keep the foot from rolling in. A common one is known as the MBA (Maxwell Branch Arthroeresis) implant. They tend to be useful when used in conjunction with other procedures used to raise the arch.

Re: Help !!

Norm on 6/28/05 at 06:04 (177402)

I test positive on exam for both. Very little burning just mostly achey dull throbbing pain under & around the heel. Tinel test never does send shooters. I did have a emg to test the nerves & it was positive before I had the tts surgery. My pain is 10 times worse since the surgery. About 15-30 minutes on my foot & I am done.


Re: Help !!

Norm on 6/28/05 at 14:05 (177433)

I have got an appointment at the University of Chicago to see there foot & ankle doc next Tuesday. Hopefully he will have some answeres!! If not I will have to probably take a permanent disability through work. I hope that is not the case.


Re: Help !!

Juby on 6/29/05 at 11:12 (177497)

I had the implant put in to stop my ankle from rolling in, which by rolling the ankle in it was causing the pf and tts to be over stretched. I did not have the procedure to raise the arch(like flat feet) which I did have. Along with the implant procedure I also had the TTS released for the third time. This worked because the over stretching was corrected. This procedure has changed my life back to NORMAL!

Re: Help !! and more.....

Janet C. on 7/15/05 at 16:31 (178481)

Norm, I am a first time poster here. My husband is actually the suffering one, and I am desperate for him. My mother lives in Chicago and wants him to come there to see someone @ Northwestern Memorial where she works. How did your visit go? My DH has had pain now for 5-6 years. We are on 3rd orthotic, a 300$ foot bath with tens unit, and he has had full body muscle spasms from neurontin. He is currently on Tramadol. Losing wieght seems to help, however, that is hard to do when you are in so much pain. Plus he is insulin resistant, and in this condition, the weight seems to be glued to you.
Here are my questions:
We live in the SW corner of KS and have been told there is not one orthopedic surgeon in KS to trust with feet...can anyone here tell me anything else?
How long is recovery from the TTrelease?
Should we quit wasting time, and get it done ASAP? The nerve tests the injections, the orthotics, the drugs that have landed him in the ER ...he has had it and we are saving money so he can be off work for 3 months.
Thank you, NOrm and anyone else kind enough to help. As a family member living with TTS, my heart goes out to all of you. We just want to raise our girls. janet c. in SW KS