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Posted by janis g on 6/22/05 at 15:38 (177222)

what is you're opinion on getting cortisone shots? i got 2 with my right heel and really didn't help much. now i have spur in left foot and am wondering if it is really worth it to have shot???

Re: shots

Ron on 6/22/05 at 23:41 (177238)

My opinion is to avoid cortisone as much as possible. It appears that there's a greater likelyhood of fascia rupture with the injenctions. It looks like, for you, there's all risk and no benefits.

Your spur probably isn't the problem at all. The issue is your plantar fascia.

Re: shots

fernando on 6/23/05 at 20:24 (177265)

I agree, that is what happened to me, try the conservative treatment first....I had two cortisone shots last year and now I have a torn PF.

Re: shots fernando

mmclaughlin on 6/26/05 at 12:38 (177333)

when did you find you had a torn pf
i had the shot no relief
xray shows heel spur and now i'm going for an mri
could it be a torn pf
what happens if it is a torn pf