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diagnosed plantar faciitis

Posted by SAS on 6/25/05 at 08:06 (177298)

Having pain 3 months now, on June 20, had cortisone injection, it has not helped with pain, pain seems worse, am wearing a birkenstock professional clog insert in running shoe, nike zoom air, which my podiatrist said were good shoes and great arch heigth in an insert. Cold seems to worsen my pain. I've been told New balance 1122 shoes will help me, but, do I spend more money on shoes.....4 new pairs so far?
help my pain?
Sas in florida

Re: diagnosed plantar faciitis

Ron on 6/25/05 at 17:44 (177312)

This site has tons of information for treatments for PF. Please read on. There are far more treatments for PF other than just good shoes, but it's a good start.

Good luck with it all!

Re: diagnosed plantar faciitis

Leopold on 6/25/05 at 20:42 (177320)


Try staying off your feet as much as your can, do stretching, massage, and try heat if ice is uncomfortable. If you are overweight, try losing some.

Hope this helps,


Re: diagnosed plantar faciitis

KW on 6/26/05 at 01:35 (177328)

A night splint has helped me.

Re: diagnosed plantar faciitis

heather l on 6/26/05 at 17:29 (177340)

I'm wondering why foot doctors precribe 'bandaid' solutions to heel spurs instead of actually removing the source of the problem... the spur itself. Everything I read seems to dance around the spur like it's not to be touched, incuding the drastic measure of cutting the tendon to alleviate the pressure. Cortizone shots, orthotics, etc. all 'accessorize' the problem, not remove it. If they can 'zap away' kidney stones, why can't they do the same to this same kind of calcium deposit that is causing the pain?

Re: diagnosed plantar faciitis

elvis on 6/26/05 at 18:04 (177341)

Heather.....you need to read up on the subject. The reason they usually don't recommend removing 'heel spurs' is that they don't CAUSE the pain. Heel spurs are the result of an inflamed plantar fascia at the insertion sit of the fascia into the calcaneus (heel bone). Plantar fasciitis is the cause of the heel pain. A heel spur is not what it sounds like, namely, a piece of the heel bones broken off. Read 'The Book' on this website. I'm not a doctor and this is what I;ve learned from reading about the subject and suffering from pf myself.