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Pain. Lots of pain

Posted by Swiss on 6/25/05 at 14:41 (177305)

Right, here goes.

I was dianosed with compartment syndrome and I've had a full fasiotomy (spelt that so wrong!) The operation provided no complications and we're now six months on. I've seen a physio etc etc and tried and tried to strengthen muscles, stretch and all the things I'm supposed to do. Thing is... I still have problems. When rowing (my sport) I still get pain just above the ankle at the front. My achilies area sometimes aches when I stand for duration and recently the bottom of my heel has started to hurt.

Has anyone got any ideas whether this is all interlinked?

Could it be Plantar Ficiitis?

Re: Pain. Lots of pain

Swiss on 7/27/05 at 07:10 (179225)

Anyone got any ideas?