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feet get burning hot wearing certain shoes

Posted by Maureen on 6/25/05 at 23:17 (177322)

My feet get unbearably hot a burning sensation really, wearing some shoes, esp. new ones. I never know if a shoe will bring on this reaction until I start wearing them. The burning is so bad that I can't stand it. Is there some physical reason for this reaction to some shoes? A remedy?

Re: feet get burning hot wearing certain shoes

KW on 6/26/05 at 01:33 (177327)

I had a lot of burning too. It could be b/c your plantar fascia is strained? Make sure your shoes are supportive is the first step (maybe try supports). Also, try and 'break them in' at home or close to home so if they do start to burn you can switch to others you know won't hurt your feet. Icing and stretches help a lot too. (BTW, I am not a doctor, but had a similar experience.)