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heel spur mess

Posted by Sandi J on 6/26/05 at 08:57 (177331)

I first had foot surgery on my left foot three years ago foa a heel spur. After returning to doctor many times- I was stillin a great deal of pain. The doc gave me cortizone shots and sent me to therapy- which really hurt! Finally, after being back to work almost a year (and leaving at the end of the day on the verge of tears), I sought another doctor's opinion instaed of getting yet another cortizone shot. The new doc did an x-ray and found that the bone spur had been removed but that a piece of the bone was still in my foot. So I had been walking around (I am a cook), for almost a year on a piece of broken bone. Since then, I have had three more surgeries on the same foot. One to remove the bone fragment, one for tarsal tunnel syndrome, and this last (June 1st) to actually sever the nerve which had a neuroma. This is all in the last three years! I have lost considerable time out of work(more than 18 months) and am in recovery now again. Hopefully this time will be it but who knows?

Re: heel spur mess

KW on 6/26/05 at 14:34 (177338)

I am hopeful for a full recovery. Will keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

Re: heel spur mess

Ron (The Real Ron ;-) on 6/27/05 at 19:58 (177390)

I am so sorry to hear about your problems you've experienced over the past three years. I hope things get better.

The more I read about horror stories such as yours the more I realize my feet problems aren't that bad, and I also get quite scared and work extra hard to solve my feet problems as soon as possible. This is really no joking matter. I never took it quite that seriously until I got on the internet, and especially on this site.

Good luck!

Re: heel spur mess

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/28/05 at 00:23 (177398)

I have seen so many patients like you. You have my sympathies and best wishes. I wish there was something we could do. Unfortunately the only hope that patients have is to self-educate themselves about there conditions as much as possible before proceeeding with treatment.

Re: heel spur mess

Orfie on 6/28/05 at 10:46 (177415)

I'm sorry to hear that you are in a lot of pain. I had heel spur surgery two months ago. My doctor did not remove the spur (bone). He does not recommend it. He trimmed the ligament to lengthen it. I am recovering well but have some pain in other parts in my foot. With time I hope that I am pain free. Any surgery done on your foot requires a lot of healing time. Hang in there and I hope your pain will go away soon.

Re: should I? or shouldn't I? - regarding heel spur

Beverly Elliott on 7/12/05 at 08:13 (178228)

My foot problem which I have had for about 1 year, has recently been diagnosed as Heel Spur. The Dr. has given me 2 shots of Cortizone, but It did not help. I have been scheduled for surgery later this month (July), but since reading postings on this site, I am beginning to have serious doubts! It is not too late to cancel surgery, but I don't want to create more problems for myself. Any comments would be welcomed.


Re: should I? or shouldn't I? - regarding heel spur

Ralph on 7/12/05 at 10:07 (178241)

It's never too late to cancel a surgery. You are in charge of what you want to have done and if you don't want to have that planned surgery call the doctor's office and say you changed your mind and you will contact them again if you want to reschedule it.

No excuses necessary you just have to say you changed your mind. It happens every day.

I remember the last elective surgery I had scheduled like it was yesterday. I was in the waiting area in my hospital gown with the IV in just waiting for my surgeon to make his pre visit. Even the anesthesia guy had already stopped by to talked to me. Next thing I know my doctor comes rushing in and tells me to get dressed he's cancelling the surgery.

He goes on to say that a major storm was heading our way and he would not perform the surgery because there was a good chance the hospital would go on generators.

Now that's what you call a late cancellation and it still was done and could have just as easily been done by me instead of my doctor.

Believe me doctors don't want to do surgery on patients with doubts.

Re: should I? or shouldn\'t I? - regarding heel spur

Sally on 7/12/05 at 23:22 (178286)

True but that is how the hospital make their big bucks. More surgery. More surgery. Too bad one cannot do ESWT in a hospital or ESWT would be everywhere by now.

Re: should I? or shouldn\'t I? - regarding heel spur

Ralph on 7/13/05 at 09:41 (178312)

As I understand it the Ossatron machines are located in Outpatient Surgical Centers. I guess you could call them a hospital of sorts but ESWT certainly isn't everywhere in spite of that fact.

Other than you saying that doctors want to do more and more surgery I don't get the point you are trying to make.

Re: should I? or shouldn't I? - regarding heel spur

Dr. Z on 7/13/05 at 13:09 (178332)

Hi Beverly,
How you reviewed ESWT as an option. It is an non-invasive FDA approved procedure that can avoid all of the complications that plantar fascia releases can bring on