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heel pain

Posted by march on 6/26/05 at 14:03 (177336)

i am having really bad heel pain after a full days work and also when i wake up in the morning i can barely stand up the heel pain is so bad.i am on my feet all day going up and down ladders and walking back and forth all day.what can i do to ease the pain or to get rid of it all together.

thank you,
rally in pain

Re: heel pain

KW on 6/26/05 at 14:32 (177337)

There's a lot you can do. Start by reading Scott's Heel Pain Book. It will give you a good idea of where to start. Light stretching and ice have helped a lot of people.

Re: heel pain

Hoopa on 6/26/05 at 23:25 (177351)

You need to see a Podiatrist who will be able to diagnose your problem. You may have PF. I am having the same problem with my left foot. It is very painful and needs to be treated by a Podiatrist.