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My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Posted by Kathy G on 6/27/05 at 17:06 (177378)

You usually hear the opposite but from the damage and the way the deer was situated, the police said it appeared that the deer ran into her! She and her friend weren't hurt, thank God, but her brand new 2005 Camry is in pretty bad shape. The left fender, the bumper, the radiator, a headlight and the undercarriage were all damaged. We are praying that they won't total the car but it all depends on how much it will cost to repair it.

This was her first car and she's made only one payment on it. When she called to say it had happened, I said, 'Thank God, it wasn't a moose.' She repeated what I said to the policeman and he thought it was hilarious. She said only I would find something good in the situation. But moose are so much bigger and it's not unheard of for people to sustain fatal injuries when they hit a moose.

She was on a state highway and it's not out in the boondocks. The State Police told her that hers was the fifth accident involving a deer, in the last few weeks, on that particular stretch of road. I'd be willing to bet that there's a housing development going in somewhere in close proximity.

She's got her rental car and although she's a little skittish about driving, she commutes a long distance to work so she says she'll just have to deal. I think the best thing to do is just what she's doing, kind of like getting back on a horse. I can't imagine how scary it was!

So when you hear anti-hunting slogans, think of the deer population in NH. We need all the hunters we can get!

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Ron on 6/27/05 at 17:30 (177381)

You should hope your car does get totalled, unless there's no structural damage done. Unfortunately, even though insurance covers repairs a heavily repaired vehicle loses much of its value (to a smart buyer ;-).

We have tons of deer around my area and when I drive people they tease me how attentive I am at night or *even* during the day. No one knows how many deer I've missed. I even had one stand in the middle of a road around this 65 degree turn. I stopped right before it. It was a doe.

The spring and fall are the worst times. End of fall/_beginning winter_ are both mating season and hunting season. Spring is fawn season. Fawns don't know that cars kill, but the ones that survive do ;->.

Here's a great site I just found. Post it on your 'frig for all to pay attention to.

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Suzanne D. on 6/27/05 at 19:41 (177387)

Oh, Kathy, I am sorry! That must have been a frightening experience for your daughter. I'm thankful she and her friend weren't hurt.

Remember my daughter's accident a year ago in May? She was also driving a Camry - 2001, I believe. It was totalled, but we were thankful she didn't sustain any worse injuries than the three broken toes. She is now driving another Camry; we believe the advertisements which say the Camry is built to sustain a crash and keep the driver as safe as possible.

Did your daughter's air bag come out? My daughter said that was frightening in itself. She said the smell made her think the car was on fire. She is tall like me, so the air bag caused some abrasions on her upper chest. My older daughter who is 6 inches shorter would probably have had injuries to her face.

I saw a deer on our road a couple of weeks ago. I am more atuned to watching for them in the fall. It was a surprise to see one now.

I hope your daughter isn't too sore tomorrow.
Suzanne :)

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Suzanne D. on 6/27/05 at 19:42 (177388)

Good site, Ron; thanks! I am printing this out for my family to read.

Suzanne :)

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Linda V on 6/27/05 at 20:28 (177393)

Glad your daughter is ok...and yes, that it wasn't a moose. I had just read where a moose was charging down Rt 93 up around exit 24 and at least 3 vehicles became involved injuring 5 people. I think you are right that she grits her teeth and keeps on driving. At least, until she gets a job closer to home! That commute she makes is nasty---did almost the same route myself for a while...Nashua to Burlington. Yuck. Plus I commuted every week from North Reading Mass to Newfound Lake---lots of wildlife in the roads up there. However, I prefer dodging wildlife to crazy kids, lost tourists, and elders who have no business driving here in Florida.

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Kathy G on 6/28/05 at 08:47 (177407)

Yes, Linda. She despises the commute and I despise the fact that she's commuting that far.

Ron, there are no deer warning signs along that stretch of road but she's aware of the deer problem. She went to UNH and lived near there for two years after graduation. UNH is located in a very rural area and one road, in particular, has a huge deer population. Come to think of it, there's no deer crossing sign on that road either. She, in fact, faced a similar situation to you. She had to stop while a deer, in the middle of the road, just froze in her headlights one night. He finally ambled off into the woods. She never even saw this one coming because he came up from the left side of her car and literally ran into it. It was kind of gross. Afterward, when she looked at her car, the deer's ear was still stuck in the side of the front left headlight.

Suzanne, what a coincidence that both our daughters were in Camry's. No, her airbags didn't deploy. In fact, she was saying how ironic, since she paid extra to get the side airbags. I guess that since 2001, they've lessened the force with which the airbags deploy but in 1998, when she was rear-ended and her car was totaled (again, not her fault), her airbag went off and she was quick enough to get her arms up to cover her face. She sustained some abrasions on her arms and got a nasty cough for a day or two but it was far better than what would have happened had she not had an airbag. The lady who hit her kept screaming that the car was on fire and my daughter had to keep reassuring her it was the powder from the airbag that she was seeing. I can't imagine what happened to that woman's insurance rates. She hit my daughter, who was stopped behind four other cars at a stoplight in a busy commercial area. All five cars were damaged although my daughter's was the only one totaled. The police estimated that the woman was going 45 mph in a zone where she should have been going 25. My daughter saw her coming in her rear view mirror and knew she wasn't going to be hit, so she braced herself and put up her arms to protect her face.

I'll tell you one thing. She is as calm as can be in a crisis and I'm proud of her. She went off to work in her rented Chevy Malibu today and intends to drive it to a wedding in NJ this weekend. I still think we should pay for her to fly but she wants to drive. I'm trying to be a good mother and not foster any fears or be overprotective. After all, she's twenty four and at that age, I was married.

Ah, and they say that once they're eighteen, children are on their own and parents have no worries. 'They' mustn't have had children! :)

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

John H on 6/28/05 at 09:16 (177411)

Kathy: I have had several broken toes including one last year. These may sound insignificant but depending on where the toe is broken it can cause a lot of long term trouble if you do not rehab the toe correctly. My last broken toe was at the first joint. One needs to manually start flexing that toe often ASAP. When you walk the toes other than the great toe tend to remain straight and do not bend down. My second toe next to my great toe will not bend down at all in the first joint because I did not rehab it. It as though it healed frozen. They do hurt as I bet your daughter will attest.

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

John H on 6/28/05 at 09:20 (177412)

We have a large shoe factory near here. Recently a deer walked in a open door on the factory floor where there were hundreds of workers. He casually walked around station to station and right up to the workers. Turned our he was a pet deer that had escaped from his owner. I had a deer behind my back yard fence for a while but have not seen him in a couple of years. Also had a red fox walk in front of my house at night. I thought it was a dog and went out to pet him. I got to about 15 feet from him when I recognized it was a fox. He trotted on down the street.

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Tina H on 6/28/05 at 11:00 (177417)

Kathy- What a shame! So sorry your daughter messed up her brand new car but thankfully she is okay. The deer are such a nuisance. We have big problems here in western pa as well. Last night they were on my front porch eating impatients out of a pot!

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Ralph on 6/28/05 at 11:46 (177423)

Why do you think you have had sooo many broken toes? Have you seen a doctor about the health of your bones?

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Carole C in NOLA on 6/28/05 at 11:56 (177424)

Ralph, I've had several broken toes during my lifetime, too. My bones are healthier than healthy, though. In my case, the reason is that I am clumsy and broke them by accident, mostly on the legs of a massive oak coffee table that my ex-husband adored. Now I have a cheap, light coffee table and I haven't broken any toes on it.

Some people get broken toes because they are clumsy like me, and some because they take risks and/or are involved in risky occupations (which I'd be willing to bet is the reason in John's case). John is a former military pilot who does things that would scare me to death, like climbing around on his roof.

Carole C

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Suzanne D. on 6/28/05 at 16:35 (177439)

John, my daughter broke three toes in a car accident 13 months ago. She was wearing sandals, and this summer she keeps a pair of tennis shoes in her car so that she never drives in sandals or flip-flops. It might not have made a difference in her wreck, but the emergency room doctor pointed at her sandals and said, 'That's what did it to you!'

She was crying and said she wanted to reply, 'No, the girl that pulled out in front of me did it', but she didn't say that. And she tries to be so cautious in that regard now.

Her broken toes came a week before her high school graduation and her last ballet recital. Needless to say, she wasn't able to dance, and that was probably the biggest hurt from those broken toes.

Thankfully, although she continued to have some pain even up until the fall, she seems well-healed now. She had several appointments with an orthopedic doctor, and we hope everything healed correctly.

Suzanne :)

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Necee on 6/29/05 at 00:00 (177460)

Kathy I'm so glad that your daughter wasn't hurt...better the deer than a human life!
Your speculation about the housing development flushing the deer out is probably right...and what a shame! Yes, the deer population needs to be controlled, but I wish they could find a better way than killing them. I love animals, and wildlife, and I'd love to have deer here in my neck of the woods. We have seen them, approx 4 miles from our place, so I'm remaining hopeful that they might venture on out this way. In my opinion, it would be wonderful if the Parks and Wildlife Dept could trap the animals and relocate them to unpopulated areas. I hear all the time about wild animals being seen in residential neighborhoods, we are invading their territory, and they have no place to go. It's bad enough that development has to bulldoze 100 yr old trees just so they can put in more businesses.
Ok, it's time for me to stop complaining

Happy trails.....


Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

John H on 6/29/05 at 09:05 (177477)

Ralph I have broken every finger on both hands and one thumb basketball,baseball catcher, and misc). Two were compound fractures, three broken toes, two broken noses (basketball) and a couple of other fractures.

Most all of them were sports related except when a storm window (metal) came down on three fingers a few years ago. Once I was jumping out of the exit on the belly of a P2V Navy patrol plane and my ring caught on something and broke my finger. I never again wore a ring while piloting an aircraft. Actually I have very good bone density. I just chose the wrong things to get involved in.

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Kathy G on 6/29/05 at 10:48 (177492)


As Suzanne pointed out, it was her daughter who got the broken toes. My daughter, fortunately, escaped without injury. She called me yesterday and said that she knew she should be greatful that she was all right but she is beside herself because she's so afraid they'll total her brand new car. She's made just one payment and she put $5,000 down so she'll be in bad shape financially if they total it.

She said something pretty sad thing to me the other day. She said, and she doesn't use this word often (around me anyway), 'It sucks to be a grown up!' She has a job she hates, her brand new car which she got to make the long commute to that job less stressful has just been wrecked and her boyfriend is putting pressure on her to buy a house, before they're married or engaged! Needless to say, I am beside myself with worry because she won't listen to me when I tell her that is legally an unwise move. So much for a stress-free summer!

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Kathy G on 6/29/05 at 11:20 (177498)

Oh, as a memmber of the ZBA in my town, how I agree with you, Necee! They aren't going to stop until every single piece of land is developed in southern NH. I believe my town is even worse off because we have dreadful zoning ordinances and I am seeing building allowed in places we never thought, ten years ago, anyone would even consider building. Houses on granite cliffs, with water and drainage problems, abound. Open space? Apparently no one cares about it or the so called 'minor' wetlands that they are filling in. Displaced animal life? Who cares? Like you, I could go on and on. More and more, I find myself in the position of having to vote for projects to which I am philosophically opposed.

Our town currently has a one year moratorium on new construction and I'm hoping that they tighten up and rewrite some of our ordinances. I'm in favor of reasonable and controlled growth, not what we are witnessing here.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box! :)

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Linda V on 6/29/05 at 11:32 (177500)

You are wise to be concerned about your daughter. I bought a place with the love of my life...ha! A year later he moved everything out while I was at work. Although I had a lawyer draw up an agreement before we bought (since my half was cash)...it was still a messy situation. And also, a friend of mine told me you DO NOT have to agree with the first figure an insurance company comes up with. I guess sometimes they can 'up' the figures if you can show how their figure is not adequate for replacement. Best of luck.

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

John H on 6/29/05 at 12:11 (177504)

Deer and car collisions are very common in Arkansas because of our very large deer population. Deer hunting season is like Xmas around here. A large part of the population take a week off from work and the roads and woods are jammed with deer hunters. Some businesses even shut down. Every year several people are killed while hunting. They mistake each other for deer or often shoot themselves when falling down. Some fall out of their tree huts and are killed. I am not a hunter so I do not get it but it is ingrained in the culture from hundreds of years. I have tried deer meet and I do not like it and I could not shoot Bambi anyway. I am not critical of deer hunters as they probably think all golfers are wusses. Our police are very crafty in catching out of season hunters. They will set up life like deer alongside roads and catch people shooting at them from their cars. Some of these life like deer have hundreds of bullet holes in them. We also get a number of cows shot every deer season. I avoid the woods at all cost during this time as there are probably 400,000 hunters out there and yes some of them do a little drinking.

When I was 16 I was caddying at a golf course in Highland Park, Ill. The man I was caddying for was on the tee ready to tee off. He went down and began to profusely bleed from a gun shot wound to his neck/shoulder. No one heard a shot but some golfers on another hole heard a shot. He survived. The police found 3 young boys outside the golf course boundry about 1 mile asway with a .22 rifle. A stray shot had found the golfer. I have never really been a hunter but my buddies convinced me to go hunt pheasant with them. I was in an open field with woods all around me. I heard a series of shots and saw a rabbit at full stride moving towards me at warp speed. I heard more shots and pellets around me. I turned and ran as the rabbit passed me at full throttle. More shots and a couple of pellets hit me but did not penetrate my clothing. Both me and the rabbit made it to the woods. No more bird hunting for me.

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Kathy G on 6/30/05 at 09:30 (177555)

My husband used to hunt when he was growing up and it was a big deal when hunting season began. He, like you, never hit anything but it was mostly due to the fact that he couldn't bring himself to do it. On a range, he's a fantastic shot and loves to shoot skeet.

Up in northern NH, it's still a big sport but here in the southern tier, it's not very popular any more. There's a field not far from my home and when we first moved in twenty-five years ago, it was not uncommon for me to hear several shots, especially in the morning, during hunting season. Now, I hear only a few.

None of us like venison, either. We much prefer to watch the deer my brother in law feeds on his property out in the country!

Someone at work told my daughter he was sorry to hear about her car. He asked her what she was going to do and she told him she was going to get her hunting license!

My husband has brought both her, our son and me target shooting because he thought that children we should understand how to handle a gun and see exactly how powerful it is. He hasn't hunted since he was in about ninth grade. None of my children's friends hunted. I couldn't understand hunting until I saw how out of control the deer population has become.

I actually enjoyed target shooting but I was happy to store his rifles at my in-laws' home. I didn't worry about my own children but I did worry about their friends and I just felt more comfortable if there were no arms in my house.

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Scott R on 7/01/05 at 09:01 (177634)

'radiator, bumper, headlight' ... sounds like the car hit the deer, not vice versa. All that discussion and not one 'poor deer'. Let's hope future alien invasions of Earth have more concern for humans than humans do for other earthlings. But as Stephen Hawkins says, any interest by aliens is not likely to be pleasant. If aliens actually care about the Earth's environment, they would probably kill all humans. A well-designed delayed-action virus dropped in hong-kong could do it.

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

Kathy G on 7/01/05 at 09:43 (177638)

Nope, the guy at the Body shop said the deer definitely ran into her. And she was wrong, her radiator is fine as is the frame of the car. He said the deer must have sheered off of her car because the damage is inconsistent with her running into it. It doesn't matter. The insurance company says it's never one's fault if one runs into a deer. That's most important to her as she prides herself in her good driving record.

The car will be ready at the end of next week, hopefully.

Re: My daughter's car got hit by a deer!

ElishaJ on 7/01/05 at 12:34 (177648)

I wasn't trying to blame either her or the deer: they both wanted to be going somewhere and neither wanted it to happen and neither broke any laws. But the north american deer i know couldn't do more damage than a bump and a scratch if they hit a car that was sitting still. Certainly the energy stored up in the movement of the car had a lot to do with the damage. When a car is nearly totaled from hitting a deer, it's a pretty good bet that the deer dies in the woods if not on the road. If I'm not mistaken, the average adult deer weighs about the same the average person reading this message. Since humans and deer are both mammals, you could expect similar bodily harm as if a person had collided with the car.

Re: previous message by Scott R

Scott R on 7/01/05 at 12:35 (177649)

Due to security measures I have to pre-approve some new comer's posts, so that's how a different name was in the author blank.

Re: previous message by Scott R

Kathy G on 7/01/05 at 20:21 (177695)

Oh, I understand now, Scott.

Elisha, naturally, both objects were moving. I have no idea whether it was a doe or a stag as the animal was beheaded when it caught its head in the corner of her left headlight. She was on a highway where the posted speed limit is 65mph and it's wide open and most of us go 70mph, so I'm sure she was. AT any rate, both the body shop manager and the state policeman went out of their way to say that the deer ran into her. They both said that the damage would have been much more extensive had she actually hit him/her head on. And as I said, my first reports of it being nearly totaled were totally erroneous as the radiator, hood, and the frame of the car were undamaged.

End of discussion.

Re: patterns of behavior

Scott R on 7/01/05 at 23:34 (177716)

I guess deer jumping out in front of cars is how it usually happens. I found it strange that i seemed to be the only one concerned about the deer. But don't be annoyed with my concern for the underdog because that's how heelspurs.com got started. I never say it in the book and i never advise against doctor's orders, but a patient going to a doctor's office is sometimes like a deer jumping out in front of a car. The book is at least partly for those who got hit and want to put their head back on their shoulders. And like the deer, doctors often blame the patient they have hurt as a way of not acknowledging their failure or involvement. They'll claim the patient didn't do as they were told, or that the patient must be a little crazy in the head, or a 'strange' or 'weird' case. Half of those reading this have probably heard these kind of accusations. It's really just rhetoric trying to make the patient feel guilt as a way of trying to divert attention away from the doctor's failure.

Re: patterns of behavior

james m on 5/13/06 at 13:31 (199025)

i hate deer i just bought a 03 ford mustang havent had to for a week and a deer ran right into the side of me cant even open the door. It is so wired because he came out of no where in the middle of a busy highway he had to cross about 10 lanes of traffic till he got to me....never believed in hunting deer no this is causing me so much trouble im totally up for it.