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heel pain

Posted by pauline on 6/28/05 at 18:56 (177447)

I have had PF for over 10 years it has come to the point of 12 ibuprofens per day some at 400mg each i more than double the daily dose recommended.I have also had morphine that does not even dull the pain.I have orthopedic insole orthopedic shoes.I do all excercises before getting out of bed it helps a little but only for the first 5 minutes i wrap my feet at knight...and even with all the excercices the proper footware even loosing weight my feet have gotten worse this year to the point i am very glad i do not own an axe because the amount of pain that i have is really unbearable and considering the very high threshold for pain that i have for it to become unbearable well you can guess.I am not prepared to have surgery yet and as per your website that seem to be my last alternative i do not trust surgeons or doctors for that matter to go at my feet because if it was to ever to get worse i know i definitely could not handle it....And just to point out my job does not require me to be on my feet so my feet should have healed by now but instead they are worse..My doctor does not want me to use ibuprofen for pain killers but that is the only pain killer that will start to dull it will at least at rest(not on my feet) because even sitting and not on my feet my feet throbe and hurt just as much as when i am on them ....i am now considering a wheelchair....just though i would let you know that this PF can be very painful

Re: heel pain

Ralph on 6/28/05 at 19:36 (177451)

Just be careful if you do use a wheelchair that you do not weaken your leg muscles from not using them. I'd check on exercises that will continue to provide muscle tone. Personally I'm not certain that a wheelchair will make that much difference if you've had P.F. for over 10 years already.

It's probably worth a try, but I think you need to ask yourself how long are you prepared to stay in a wheel chair and will it really be a long term solution for you even if you still continue to have pain.

Maybe new doctors would be a better place to start along with a referal to a pain clinic to get your pain under control. Good pain control may allow you more time to research new help for your condition.

Re: heel pain

Hoopa on 6/28/05 at 22:07 (177457)

Hey Pauline:

We are all in this together. Don't give up. Please. I am just beginning with my heel pain. I am not officially diagnosed yet with PF but am almost certain that is what the MD is going to tell me next week. Please read this website thoroughly. There are lots of good people here going through the same thing as you and lots of good people online here who can recommend different types of shoes and therapies you can try. Please don't give up.

Re: heel pain

Orfie on 6/28/05 at 22:11 (177458)

I suffered from PF for a year. I did the phsyical therapy, orthotics, icing, stretching and I had two shots. Nothing helped my pain. My last resort was surgery. I had it done two months ago. I feel a lot better. I have no heel pain, I have some soreness still and I know it will take a long time to be completely pain free. I don't regret doing the surgery. Maybe you should consider it. Do your research. I can't believe you have suffered for over ten years! I know I could not have gone that long with that pain.