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Heal pain in both feet

Posted by Bruce on 6/29/05 at 11:44 (177501)

About one month ago I started to wake up with pain in both of my heels. At this point I awake with the enability to walk until I streach both feet. I am 47 years old and go to a gym 3 to 4 times per week, I have increased my cardio workout through out the spring in anticipation of my men's Lacrosse season. I play men's Lacrosse with two league each week with various tournaments each month. This starts in June and goes through early October. I have tried to put heel inserts in both my game cleats and shoes that I wear daily. When I go to the gym I do not use the heel inserts. I seem to be in pain the most the next day after either a game or a hard workout. I do not want to stop playing and I have excepted the early morning pain. What I would like to know is AM I EXCEPTING SOMETHING THAT I DON'T HAVE TO? Thank you.

Re: Heal pain in both feet

Dr. Zuckerman on 6/29/05 at 11:49 (177502)

It sounds like you have classic plantar fasciitis. The reason that you limping the AM is due to repetitive stress on your plantar fascia with the surrounding tendons and ligaments shortening. It is a warning that you are injuring your feet.
First thing see a podiatrist. Early treatment is just as important as effective treatment. Read the heel pain book. Use the plantar fascia stretch. Get your shoes evaluated and your gait examined. Feel free to ask any addtional questions

Re: Heal pain in both feet

Bruce on 6/29/05 at 12:06 (177503)

Dr. Thank you for your response. You think I must see a doctor rather than trying to just use inserts of some kind? I will say that the pain does linger on through out the day. If you tell me again I have to see the Dr. than do you think I should limit workouts that require me to be on my feet? I am not talking about playing Lacrosse, I am refering to cardio workouts. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Re: Heal pain in both feet

Ron on 6/29/05 at 15:21 (177518)

I'm guessing only a Podiatrist can tell you whether you can play lacrosse or not. The important factors to realize is, like the doctor said, early treatment is as important as proper treatment.

Take it from one who knows, this problem can be a life long problem. It even cripples some. Take this issue seriously and treat it properly and you'll be fine; ignore it and it will respond in kind.

I'm going no 7 years and only as of later have I found anything that works (crossing fingers).

Re: Heal pain in both feet

KW on 6/29/05 at 19:55 (177533)

Ron, what have you found that works?

Re: Heal pain in both feet

Ron on 6/29/05 at 21:46 (177539)

For me so far, I've only found that stretching works. That's all I've tried. Like I said before I failed at stretching until I changed techniques to AI stretching.

Re: Heal pain in both feet

Tina H on 6/30/05 at 07:10 (177551)

Bruce, You may be able to play by taping your feet, directions on this web site. It's worth a try. Tina