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nerve damage from neuroma surgery

Posted by Daisy M. on 6/29/05 at 12:32 (177505)

I posted a few days ago and think my 'posts' may have gotten lost in the shuffle. lol, so copy and pasted them to post again. Hope that is ok.

I had a mortons neuroma surgery done on my right foot a few years ago. since the surgery I have little movement in my toes and my foot and second toe gets electric shock sensations that feel like they go through the whole foot. It has gotten worse lately. I have to wear something around my toes to ease the nerves some, but lately that has not even been helping. My whole foot aches a lot. I have been putting ice packs on my foot when I lay down. I wear a partial sandal to bed at night to help ease the nerves. Lately my foot has been getting burning sensations also.
I have been to foot doctors many times and all they want to do is make me another orthotic that does not work.
I also have arthritis in my feet and heel spurs. I also have spurs on the tops and sides of my feet. I also have fibromyalgia. I got all of this after I had a hysterectomy so can not help but think everything must be related to that. My left foot hurts a lot also, but with the botched surgery on my right foot, that foot hurts the most. I have taken aspirin, ibuprophen, alieve, nothing seems to help. Lots of times I can hardly walk at all and if I sit a while it is very hard to get up and walk. PLEASE, I am hurting so bad and looking for any suggestions, short of another surgery. THANKS.

I forgot to add that the foot doctor gave me a shot of cortisone in the scar from the surgery one time thinking that might help with the movement. ( this was not the doctor that did the surgery) My foot got to bleeding so bad he had a hard time getting the bleeding to stop. The shot did not help at all and made my foot hurt worse even.

My ankles are also very sore and also very puffed. One of the foot doctors told me one time that he thought he knew part of what was going on with my ankles being so puffed. He pushed in at the right of my left ankle bone and to the left of my right ankle bone and about sent me through the roof. I can not remember what he called it but he did nothing to help me with the pain.

About a year ago I ordered featherspring innersoles and they have helped some with me being able to wear an inclosed shoe as before this I could only wear sandals because of my nerves bothering me from the neuroma surgery. THANKS for any help I can get. In the mornings I can hardly walk at all when I first get up, or if I sit for a while. My feet are KILLING ME and they hurt all over. I am not overweight so that is not the problem. THANKS for any help you can give.