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how long is the recovery?

Posted by Orfie on 6/29/05 at 19:19 (177530)

How long is the recovery time for a EPF-heel spur surgery?
I had it my left foot done 5/5/05. My heel pain has gone but the ball of my foot and when I bend my toes, it really hurts. I walk with a limp. I have done the foot excercises and it helps just a little.
If someone had the same surgery, please let me know about your pains and your recovery time and did it work for you long term?
Thanks a bunch!

Re: how long is the recovery?

scott (sak) on 6/29/05 at 23:54 (177545)

I'm not sure but I'm glad I dodged my surgery. After only two years and lots of pain it started to go away with simply lotsof rest after every medical treatment minus surgery. But I'm still not running...I also wouldn't be running if I had surgery...

Re: how long is the recovery?

SteveG on 6/30/05 at 19:50 (177600)

It can take up to a year to heal. A major ligament has been cut and it takes the foot time to adjust to the change in structure and stress on the lateral bands of the fascia. Do a search on surgery on this board so you can make sure you are doing everything you can to help ensure your success.

Re: how long is the recovery?

Ed on 6/30/05 at 21:39 (177608)

I had my EPF surgery in December 2003 and it did nothing except transfer the pain to other areas of the foot.

Re: Question for Ed

Terri on 7/01/05 at 15:29 (177671)

May I ask how much of the ligament did they cut? I have been told I have a Baxter's Nerve Entrapment and trying to decide what to do. Surgery is being considered and it would involve cutting 1/3 of the plantar ligament.

Re: Question for Ed

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/02/05 at 13:16 (177725)

I am uncertain about how Baxter originally described the procedure. There is diagreement in the medical communty as to how much to cut. Cut too little and the desired end result does not occur. Cut too much and it is possible to dstabilize the foot as the plantar fascia is very important in supporting the foot.

I am currently treating a patient with documented Baxter's neuropathy now, very successfully via non-surgical means. My treatment involves placing an injection of hyaluronidase (an enzyme that selctively thins scar tissue) and triamcinolone acetonide ( a long acting steroid that thins just about every thing including the fascia. Correct placement of the needle is critical.

Re: how long is the recovery?

jeannie m on 7/02/05 at 15:53 (177729)

orfie, Do you wear custom orthotics? My doctor says i need to wear them now and this seems to be my big issue now after my surgery (May 18th )as they just feel like i am walking with a sock or something under my arch.They hurt. they are Soft orthotics but very high and wide in shoes. I am going to therapy which is great and i think my foot would be okay if not for the orthotics. I am sorry you are in pain. My doctor says it can take 6 months to a year to see if it worked. I would say at this point i feel close to how i felt before the operation so....I hope we both get better. I know that April doesn't wear orthotics and she is good. My doctor is adament about it.I don't know about the ball of my foot hurting in my case . I think the orthotics are switching my pain issue to the arch.Can you go to therapy or is it not a option for you.

Re: how long is the recovery?

scott (sak) on 7/02/05 at 23:38 (177748)

Wear your orthotics!!! I had custom made ones but there was a buildup of glue that made a hump right where the PF meets the arch and heel so I stopped wearing them and used Heel that pain cups among others. The pain only got worse, didn't matter what I used. Then I took off the cushion insole and stripped the glue off orthotic and now just put hard orthotic(steel lined)and then place blue (you know) cushion over the orthotic. I was able to dodge a full PF cut, see any of my posts! And yes, I was in a lot of pain, spent a month in bed and it still hurt. Disability didn't make it feel any better even though I was probably close to the maximum. Daytime TV will drive anyone crazy and hard to sleep at nite when you sleep all day. I am not in therapy, or any med. or even using ice...Positive thinking and miracles do happen!

Re: how long is the recovery?

Ralph on 7/03/05 at 22:38 (177771)

I'd modify the first sentence of your post by adding 'after a recheck with your doctor' There are many people that have posted on this board that they had problems with their orthotics especially following surgery. It could be that some adjustment needs to be made to the orthotics to try and make them more comfortable for her or perhaps even trying a different type. A trip back to the doctor telling him that they are causing her more pain than before and asking him to make these adjustments might be something she may want to do.

If she still continues to have problems maybe a second opinion by another doctor would be in order having him/her check the fit of the current orthotic.

Although we have all been told it takes time to get used to wearing orthotics I think if the darn things are causing her more pain they should at the very least be rechecked for proper fit. It's the patient that feels the pain and doctors sometimes are not always correct with orthotic fittings.

Re: how long is the recovery?

Orfie on 7/03/05 at 23:10 (177775)

Hi Jeannie. Yes I wear the soft orthotics that the doctor gave me. They are made by APEX-classic support with anti shock. He said not to use the hard orthotics, the ones I paid lots of money for. The soft ones feel a lot better for my feet. He also said that I will always have to wear them and I'm okay with that, I just want for all my pains to go away. Maybe you should ask your doctor to give you some soft ones. At first your foot will feel weird but you can break in a soft one.
I think my surgery is a success sine I don't have the heel pain and slowly the other parts of my foot are getting better with time. He didn't tell me to go to therapy since I am doing the excercises at home. I go back to work on 7/5/05 and I dread that my heel pain will come back, but I will be on limited work. I have been off two months now. My other foot is starting to hurt now, but I am doing all I can not to go through another surgery. I hope you get better soon and keep me posted on your recovery.

Re: how long is the recovery?

jeannie m on 7/06/05 at 14:20 (177926)

thanks orfie. It has been a rough week with the whole orthotic thing. I am in a lot of pain today in both feet and when they do the therapy it really puts extra pressure on the orthotics which makes it even worse. I am so depressed . Mine are soft ones but they just won't break in. Funny how April doesn't wear them and she's okay. I hope your job went okay for you.