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PF and thyroid disease

Posted by Annoda on 6/30/05 at 11:00 (177564)

Hello. I have heard that there is a connection between PF and thyroid disease. I have hypothyroidism. Can you tell me more about this? Thanks

Re: PF and thyroid disease

Vicki S on 7/07/05 at 22:45 (178034)


Just got diagnosed with PF today. Like you, have hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis). Never heard about this connection in my past reading of thyroid disease -- BUT am curious. Keep me posted. Thanks.

Re: PF and thyroid disease-- yes

Lori S. on 7/14/05 at 02:21 (178367)

I have had hypothyroidism for several years, and both my regular doc and my podiatrist said its very likely connected. Having thyroid disease affects so many things, and tendons, ligaments, etc are some of them. I would like to suggest if you havent to go to Mary Shomans(sp) site on about.com, try the thyroid forums there too.

I still come here to read, I has eswt in september 04 and am very thankful my feet are better. my email is (email removed) ......
Your thyroid is affecting alot more things than you probably know.

Mine hasnt been leveled yet, keep hoping someday....seeing anew endo soon.
I hope you find relief with your feet.....

best wishes,