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SO much better now!

Posted by Kris on 6/30/05 at 15:24 (177582)

I definitely have tarsal tunnel syndrome, all branches of the tibial nerve, with very long latencies on my nerve studies and I have an osteochondral defect.

Well, I started having trouble in both legs and my left arm some time back. It was driving me crazy - always worse at night, I couldn't sleep.

I had more nerve studies and bloodwork. THe latencies were low normal BUT normal - and my neurologist dx me with Restless Leg Syndrome. When I first heard that, I wanted to laugh - that's what I would have thought I had on and off in my twenties - NOT this pain I was feeling now!

My neurologist said sometimes it can mutate and become painful. He put me on mirapex.

OMG I have been so much better. Even the TTS is better. I think my RLS, which I now know after reading up on it that I've always had - it was just annoying, not painful - probably mutated when I spent all that time in that stupid rocker boot that didn't help anything but drove me crazy.

Anyway, I was already on the neurontin. My orthpedic surgeon says my TTS has been there so long and is so severe that my surgical outlook is not that good - expecially with the osteochondral defect.

I'm not even worried about THAT so much now though - I am a lot better now. I don't wake up crying anymore, and I have been having good days for a month now.

The foot is still THE FOOT, but its tolerable. I think the FOOT and the RLS were feeding each other something fierce. I even thought I had sciatica - had been dx with it - but that is GONE GONE GONE now with the Mirapex. I was late with a dose about a week ago, and my back started up - I was able to recognize now that it was NOT sciatica - but RLS.

They really do seem to feed each other when they are very bad and then they really bite. Taking care of the RLS has made the TTS much more bearable - 2 days of pain meds in 4 weeks. THAT IS AMAZING for me.

Re: SO much better now!

Pam S on 6/30/05 at 22:30 (177613)

HI Kris:
I have not posted in quite a long time and when I saw your post it really struck a chord!!! First of all, it is GREAT that you have found relief thru Mirapex and have the obviously correct diagnosis of RLS.

I also have TTS and RLS. I am on 400 of Neurontin at night along with lMg of Klonopin for these problems. I feel like I have the 'chills' in my legs and sometimes in my arms too. My right foot, which I did have the TTS release began to burn again a few years after I had the surgery. I never thought that the RLS could contribute to the TTS pain. That is very interesting. Are there any support groups on line for RLS? What is osteochondral?

I find that exercise really helps my RLS. It is cruel to have foot problems and RLS because it is difficult to sit still and not be on your feet isn't it!!! If you would like you can post your e-mail address and we can chat about other things I have tried for RLS which might help you. Mirapex did not help me.

Life can be challenging and this I know to be true!! Hope I hear from you. Thanks, Pam

Re: SO much better now!

Kris on 7/02/05 at 18:33 (177732)

Do you have aim? my email is (Put this all together, TAKE OUT all THE N's

(email removed)

Yes, that is exactly why it is so cruel! Exercise is funny with me - if I don't move - it is worse. If I do a lot of exercise - it is worse.

OMG I was living my life with a timer. 15 minutes I can sit down. 15 minutes I can wash dishes. 15 minutes of TV. GEEZ!

The mirapex has helped so much. To me, the RLS and the TTS were feeding each other and I was in a living hell for more than 2 years!

Today I've done some house cleaning, swam, got some things ready for the antique booth.

I still have problems with the Mirapex making me very sleepy sometimes and just zonking me. I am not quite ready to go back to work, but I am thinking I might be able to do some part time work again.

Right now I am selling on eBay, but I got to where I could not do that. I am trying to do more of that.

My pain would be very severe before the mirapex. It felt like my bones were broken, like the meat was pulling off them - like running on severe shin splints. (without running!)

Mine is in my legs, right hip, left arm. The right arm, left hip are ok!

The osteochondral defect happened because I broke the talus in my ankle and they didn't know. A hole formed in it on the joint surface, and a mass, and the mass pushed the cartlege off but not all the way. It really pinches unmercifully sometimes - bad stabbing pain that can make me fall. Luckliy, even that seems less often now that I have the RLS under control!