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So now my daughter's rental car got sideswiped.......

Posted by Kathy G on 7/01/05 at 10:54 (177643)

yesterday evening, while she was sitting in a traffic jam. The car behind decided to pull out into oncoming traffic in order to move up in line. Turns out it was a doctor who was on her way to deiver a baby. She was going to give my daughter her credit card number and be on her way but my daughter insisted they exchange proper documents. Then the woman took off. She was driving an Infinity and it got scratched all along the side.

The city was in the midst of a festival and the police told my daughter that if there was no bodily injury involved, she'd have to come to the station to make out an accident report. It took a long time. Her rental car sustained some damage to the bumper and she had twenty-four hours to turn it in to another Hertz office. The only one open last night was the one at Logan Airport and that was clear across the city so she has to do it today.

I'm not superstitious but I am worried sick about her having to drive all the way to NJ on Sunday and back home on the Fourth. This is for my daughter-in-law's sister's wedding and I just want her to stay home. No way I can afford the $800 for her and her boyfriend to fly down. I am beside myself but my husband thinks it's no big deal. I guess that's the difference between mothers and fathers.

Her boyfriend is a terrible driver and she won't drive with him. Another good reason not to marry the guy but I digress. It won't be a restful holiday for me, that's for sure.

Re: So now my daughter's rental car got sideswiped.......

Suzanne D. on 7/01/05 at 12:31 (177646)

Oh, Kathy ~ I am sorry. Gracious, your daughter has been through so much lately! She was smart and quick-thinking to insist that she exchange the proper documents with the other driver.

I understand your concern. And, yes, we mothers do seem to be the worriers, don't we? I know after my daughter's wreck, even though it wasn't her fault, I have been anxious every time she is out on the road. I'll be thinking of your daughter - and you - this weekend.

Speaking of mothers and daughters, I have been following the Natalie Holloway news as I am sure many of you are. Isn't that a heart-breaking situation? Her mother is on the news, night after night, pleading for information and firm in her determination to stay until her daughter is found. I think about them every day.

Take care,
Suzanne :)

Re: So now my daughter's rental car got sideswiped.......

Ralph on 7/01/05 at 12:39 (177650)

I'm a dad and I still don't like my kids driving on holiday week-ends. I don't even put myself in that position if I can help it so I can understand your feelings. I have to say that mine drove on holiday weel-ends at times anyway. Now they are all out on their own, their adults and live in different states. What they do is their own business. Sooner or later if you've done your job that what happens. They become independent

At this point, it doesn't sound like you have any other choice if you want her to come or she definitely wants to attend that wedding.

Just renew your motherly advice that you'd prefer she not drive that distance and under no circumstance should she allow her boyfriend to drive. If she already knows this that's a plus. Sometimes it's not acknowledge even though they know the situation.

A plus and credit to her for making the woman exchange information with her after the accident. She could have just accepted the credit card information the doctor offered, but she acted pretty adult and smart about the situation. Give credit when credit is due.

When you have kids, we never stop worring about them, we just exchange the type of worry for another kind depending on the situation and their age.

I decided a long time ago that it was my privlidge to worry about them any time I wanted because heck my wife was worrying too.

Re: A good idea for drivers

Linda V on 7/01/05 at 15:28 (177670)

So sorry about your daughter. I'm sure my two have had some horrendous experiences that I don't know about. Sometimes I think its easier when they move out---I sleep well each night convincing myself they are fine and home in bed safe. Its a lot easier than when I used to pace the floor and peer out the window to see what time they got home! Anyway, I read somewhere that its a good idea to keep a cheap disposable camera in your glove compartment for emergencies. A quick snapshot of a license plate, car damage, a person...whatever. I carry one now in my car. I was with my brother in Massachusetts 2 weeks ago when we got rear-ended HARD. The driver stopped, but he looked like he was about to bolt. I was reaching for my camera in case. However, damage was minor, no one was hurt...so we let it go.

Re: A good idea for drivers

Kathy G on 7/01/05 at 20:14 (177690)

What a smart idea! I never thought of a camera. I'm glad you didn't get hurt, Linda. Yes, she's smart and keeps her wits about her. I've told her she doesn't really have to go to the wedding but now she seems determined to go. Everyone; her friends, her colleagues, they're all telling her not to go. You're right, Ralph, she's smart to know that her boyfriend is a lousy driver.

And yes, Linda, it was much better when she was away. I wasn't much of a worrier when either of my children were at college. I figured what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me and I'd done the best I could to raise responsible adults.

And everyone keeps saying that things happen in three's but I don't believe that for one minute. I'm just a bit concerned about all the holiday traffic. I avoid it if I can and I consider myself a good driver. It's not her driving I'm worrying about. It's everyone else's. She's leaving on Sunday, though, so hopefully, the majority of people will be where they want to be and she's not headed for the ocean. And if she leaves real early on Monday, hopefully, she'll miss the worst of it.

She's a very experienced driver. She's had her own car since she was sixteen and we allowed her to drive a great deal, like to northern Vermont, the Cape, Boston, when she was in high school. We thought that experience was the best teacher.

I, the one who hates flying, really wish I could afford to pay for them to fly because it would be so much safer. Oh well.....here's hoping she has a safe trip and a good time.

Re: A good idea for drivers

Ron on 7/03/05 at 23:16 (177776)

You have to watch out about these cameras, because the heat will destroy them, and the cold may be just as bad for them. I don't know the shelf life of film in a car that gets very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.

As I tested my camera out after a few months in my hot car, the pictures wound up being very dark. Take a test run before you try this out.