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Baxter's Nerve Entrapment and Plantar Fasciits

Posted by Terri on 7/01/05 at 15:20 (177669)

I have a new diagnosis of Baxter's Nerve Entrapment with some plantar fasciits. If the plantar fasciitis goes away will the nerve entrapment symptoms go away? My heel hurts but I also get symptoms of burning/tingling.

Re: Baxter's Nerve Entrapment and Plantar Fasciits

fernando on 7/01/05 at 21:59 (177709)

I think I have the same, at first Baxter's nerve entrapment is treated as PF, but I heard it has a very poor response to conservative treatment, surgery seems to be the best option
Tell me how you were diagnosed, and what are your symptoms, I also have PF......e mail me

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