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Is TTS ever considered cured?

Posted by DonnaO on 7/01/05 at 18:01 (177677)

Hi. I post from time to time but visit often. First, I would like to extend best wishes to everyone.
I am 31 and had TTS surgery on both feet on 2-13-04. So far, I consider the recovery to be successful. I pretty much am able to do the things I was able to do before I experienced symptoms. I am careful about the shoes I wear and am able to exercise. This February (a year after the surgery), I went to the Disney World parks with my family in tennis shoes and walked around most of the day taking little breaks as needed. I wouldn't be able to do that a year earlier. I was overjoyed that I was able to participate in the annual Dog Day Afternoon walk-a-thon with my sweet little Cairn Terrier. I am still very careful that I don't overdo activities.
Here is my question. Is TTS ever considered cured or is it a condition that always exists in some form, even when the pain is alleviated? Any thoughts are appreciated. Continued luck to everyone!

Re: Is TTS ever considered cured?

cindyp on 7/02/05 at 08:24 (177720)

I guess it all depends on what you define as cured. Being 4 years out from the surgery myself I say yes. But there are still days of small aches and pains but nothing like before.

Re: Is TTS ever considered cured?

lara on 7/02/05 at 11:12 (177722)

Some people have surgery, and it goes away. Some people have surgery and it goes away, and then comes back. I'm not sure you can ever be sure it won't come back. Perhaps if there was a mass that was removed you can be fairly comfortable it won't come back. Something can always happen to any of us, but if the cause is eliminated perhaps then you can be considered cured.

For those who aren't cured, many cases are very treatable. Hopefully you can find a balance between various treatments, and changes to lifestyle (as you have done), that can give you a nice life.

Re: Is TTS ever considered cured?

cindyp on 7/02/05 at 20:45 (177736)

just always always always be very very careful

Re: Thank you

DonnaO on 7/02/05 at 23:08 (177747)

Thank you Cindy and Lara for your posts. So far, I have been pretty lucky at finding shoes that are comfortable and good for my feet like tennis shoes, sandals, and boots with a wide toe and very low,low heel. The shoe shopping challenge for me is finding regular dress shoes that are low to the ground, have a wide toe, and don't hug the foot at the ankle so I am not wearing this type of shoe at the moment until I find a good pair. On the bright side, I am fortunate that I can wear the comfortable shoes I do have at work. I guess the key to dealing with TTS is to take it one day at a time and count all blessings. Continued luck to all and thanks again.

Re: Thank you

lara on 7/03/05 at 11:28 (177754)

Regarding shoes, I highly recommend Dansko clogs, although since you are doing o.k. you may not need this information. Just thought I'd add it and you can file it for whenever you need it - and hopefully you won't need it. They don't work with a formal dress, but work for most things. I also highly recommend finding a shoe store that has a perdothist on staff, telling the perdothist your particular problem, and see what he or she recommends. That's how I learned about Danskos.

Re: Is TTS ever considered cured?

NanS on 7/04/05 at 23:45 (177824)

I had my first surgery 10 years ago. Developed a
a keloid, and must have still had some issues when I went in for my check up, but he could not do much for me because I had just become pregnant. 5 years later, I go to get the EMG(?),in the right foot, and for kicks, we did the left. There was still something going on there, but the damage was more significant in the left, although I felt little or no pain. Well this year, the pain had gotten to be unbearable, and I could take it no longer. I went on with the surgery, and as of now, it has been 8 weeks. And my foot feels just the same as it did AFTER the surgery. I am trying so hard to stay off my foot as much as I can, had to wear a 'boot' for 1 month, and still do now, when I need to. I can go on and on. I have had a couple of infections, suture left in...just a very bad experience, this time around. Sometimes I wonder if I had waited too long to get this taken care of!
(Sorry this has turned into a long story)

P.S--My right foot occasionally bothers me. I think for the most part, surgery helped.

Re: Is TTS ever considered cured?

chris on 7/05/05 at 08:22 (177838)

I had surgery Nov '01 for both pf and tts on my right foot. TO this day I am still pain free.

My surgeon had said that it is possible for the condition to return but so far it hasn't.

Re: Thank you

Angela on 7/08/05 at 17:46 (178072)

I highly recommend Dansko clogs also. I was wearing SAS shoes with a custom orthotic and my orthopedist recommended Dansko clogs and they made a BIG difference. I did have trouble getting a proper fit at first and had to return my first pair, a looser fit did the trick. Some stores will allow you to return them in the first 30 days if you only wear them indoors and don't scuff them.

Re: Is TTS ever considered cured?

Brenda S. on 7/29/05 at 22:28 (179471)

What kind of surgeon did the operation? orthopedic? podiatrist? I have to have something done to both my feet and soon. I can hardly walk now. They burn like fire and hurt like heck. Thanks. Brenda