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how to use good ideas??

Posted by Michelle M on 7/02/05 at 22:03 (177743)


I've posted off and on here and have tried to keep notes on all the good sugestions I've received. My foot background is long, but the end result is most likely Baxter's nerve entrapment. I've tried all the common non-surgical options (rest, ice, casting, orthodics, cortizone, neurontin) without sucess. My docs are stumped. On this site I've read about some interesting ideas like injections of hyaluronidase or neurontin topical creams. Where can I find literature on these things to bring to my docs and see if they will try it? Is there a good journal to keep up with? Or even better, I need to find a doctor in my area (or anywhere fairly driveable) that already knows of these things. I live in Massachusetts. Any advice?

Thanks and best of luck to all of us who have foot pain...
-- Michelle M
(ps- I posted this on the TTS board a few days ago. I realized this might be a better place for it. Sorry for the duplication)

Re: how to use good ideas??

Linda V on 7/02/05 at 22:13 (177745)

Where is Massachusetts do you live? I am from there originally.....know of a few good docs in the area...

Re: how to use good ideas??

Michelle M on 7/03/05 at 18:21 (177761)

I am in Boston. Thanks for any advice!